90s Kabaklaan is now Y2K Kabaklaan—and they’re holding an exhibit to celebrate the era

For this one-day-only event, the Instagram sensation will collaborate with Archivo 1984 to present snapshots of Filipino queer pop culture and history.

If #ThrowbackThursday was an Instagram account, it would most likely take the form of @90skabaklaan, the digital archive of gorgeous Filipino men of the said decade; statuesque Filipina supermodels that the gays sought to emulate; iconic moments in ’90s Philippine TV, film, and print media; and a treasure trove of memes encapsulating Pinoy humor.

The account has gained a cult following that comprises Filipinos who lived through the ’90s (and probably had their gay awakenings then), including some of the subjects of the posts themselves. 90s Kabaklaan has also become a way for the younger generation to learn more about the country’s queer and pop culture of the past, inspiring a new wave of fans, creatives, and baby gays. In 2024, 90s Kabaklaan is stepping into the new year with a focus on the next decade: Y2K.

“The ‘90s Kabaklaan was all about gay awakenings. Y2K Kabaklaan explores what happens after that. It’s like our ‘pagdadalaga’ for the lack of a better term. To some, ‘90s is considered as the best decade. Y2K is a wild ride,” they write in an Instagram post.

And to celebrate this shift, the famed digital archive will work with esteemed gallery Archivo 1984 to present The 90s Kabaklaan Show, a one-day-only exhibit of “of rare posters, photographs, videos and music from the era.”

The official invitation for the one-day only exhibit at Archivo 1984.

“[The] Instagram sensation not only reintroduced today’s audiences to the unique flavor of the decade’s pop culture and lifestyle[,] but [also] made music, movies, and images from that glorious era mirror present Filipino life. Who knew a little IG account can do all that?” writes Archivo 1984 about 90s Kabaklaan.

The memes that 90s Kabaklaan present link past scenes from Pinoy pop culture to today’s brand of Filipino humor.

Open to all, the show will be held at 4 pm on January 13, Saturday, at La Fuerza Compound, Makati City. More details may be found on 90s Kabaklaan’s Instagram account.

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