Artist Noli Manalang takes us on a journey of sculpted realms and painted dreams

Manalang launches a stunning collection of sculptural art pieces that push the boundaries of imagination and craftsmanship.

The highly anticipated exhibition “Europa Unveiled” promises to be a milestone in Noli Principe Manalang’s illustrious 20-year career. The collection reflects his evolution as an artist, showcasing a dynamic range of styles that seamlessly blend classical and contemporary influences.

“I am extremely excited to unveil my first sculpture collection,” says Manalang. “This body of work represents a deeply personal exploration of my journey as an artist and I am overwhelmed by the opportunity to share these pieces with the world. Each sculpture is a universal and tangible manifestation of our vision.”

Manalang’s “Spindle” was featured at the 2023 Florence Biennale in Italy.
“The Taking of Europa” has two versions: (above) with black horse, and (banner photo) with red horse.

Multi-awarded artist Noli Manalang held his art residency in Vermont, USA. He is a hall-of-fame winner of Kulay sa Tubig as well as an awardee of the respected Metrobank Art Awards. In addition, he is a champion of Hiyas Awards, a jewelry design competition sponsored by the Guild of Philippine Jewelers. This recognition paved the way for him to be mentored by the eminent jewelry designer, Faico. T

he mentorship served as his motivation to create sculptures using traditional jewelry techniques. Manalang is also a mentee of well-regarded sculptor, Willy Layug, whom he collaborated with for the ecclesiastical Crown of the Virgin of Palo, Leyte. 

Artist Noli Principe Manalang’s “Europa Unveiled” will be exhibited at Paseo Gallery during Art Fair Philippines, from Feb. 16 to 18.

Considered a career highlight thus far, Manalang became the Philippine representative to the 2023 Florence Bienalle, a well-known international event for contemporary art. His acrylic painting, “Spindle”, carries the message of oneness and inclusiveness. It transcends barriers of race and religion as well as speaks the universal truth that we are all united by our human experience. The artwork is a reminder that we are all weaving our stories and experiences into a collective narrative.

“Europa Unveiled” will be at Paseo Gallery from February 16 to 18, 2024 during Art Fair Philippines at The Link, Ayala Center Makati. Don’t miss the opportunity to be transported into a realm where sculpture becomes the channel for profound expression and lyrical form.

For more information, contact Paseo Gallery at +63287065514.

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