Shiseido announces Anne Hathaway as new global ambassador

Shiseido encourages women to embrace their current stage in life because “potential has no age.”

Shiseido recently announced its global partnership with Academy Award-winning actor and fashion icon Anne Hathaway for Vital Perfection, its leading age-defying skincare series powered by research on skin’s inner potential. 

Hathaway’s authenticity is loved across the globe, and her timeless elegance, combined with her dedicated work with the UN and other charitable work, reflect a deep strength, Shiseido said in a statement. Through her work, they have witnessed an inspiring woman who “encourages us to reach our inner potential to create a better world.” 

It’s so upsetting to hear age misidentified as a barrier for growth.  I would rather we celebrate it for the gift it is,” says Anne Hathaway.

Shiseido said Hathaway perfectly represents the versatility of its Vital Perfection series and its message that “Potential has no age,” celebrating the inner beauty enhanced by appreciating each and every stage of life. Just as we can love our current skin, we can take care of our future skin.

“While Ms. Hathaway has earned respect globally for her range as an actor, it is her sophistication, resilience and her respectful perspective of inner and outer beauty that make her the ideal ambassador for Vital Perfection,” says Shiho Nagasaka, Vice President of Global Marketing and Communication for Shiseido.

Anne Hathaway at Shiseido in Ginza, Tokyo. Photo by Taylor Jewell

Hathaway explained how “potential has no age” resonates with her. “It’s so upsetting to hear age misidentified as a barrier for growth. I would rather we celebrate it for the gift it is. To me, it is an exciting privilege to grow older and hopefully have the opportunity to learn more about oneself. I hope people feel excited to explore their potential always.”

“I have tried to invest in my skin as I observed from the women in my family that my skin would be something that would take care of me if I took care of it. I now understand my skin to be connected to my overall health and wellbeing. Over a longer timeline, it becomes apparent that beauty is definitely something that comes from within.”

Hathaway was also drawn to Vital Perfection’s philosophy of harmonious cooperation with the skin’s natural processes and potential. “I love that the Vital Perfection has been created to work harmoniously with the body. Vital Perfection is based on research that taps into the same networks that encourage the flow of nutrients to nourish skin and ensures it looks its best, working efficiently and naturally with the body, giving the best possible skincare results.”

“I’ve always admired the philosophy of Vital Perfection, how it combines simple elegance, complex tradition and knowledge gained over time in such a balanced and nuanced way.” said Hathaway.

Vital Perfection brand film 

Starting in September, Hathaway brings the Potential Has No Age message to the world, supported by a unique art film by renowned fashion photographer and director duo Luigi & Iango.

The film, starring Hathaway, celebrates the power of inner potential using light rays and explores the harmonious nature of darkness and light. The film perceives potential as both darkness and light, a brilliance that knows no limits.

Anne Hathaway talks about her beauty must-haves.

Hathaway said she hopes others find the film as inspiring as she does. “When we talked about the concept, discussed the idea behind it- and during the filming itself – we spoke continuously about the notion of potential and how important it is to grace it to yourself. To believe that your own potential is always there, where your past, present and future meet.” 

“Inspiration is everywhere—in light, in the air, in touch, in music, in words, in silence, in each other, within ourselves. Of course, life can become overwhelming and there are always reasons to shut down and close ourselves off… but if we can remember to value the true beauty that surrounds us and look for it, to breathe it in when it appears, we remain open to the reality that it exists within us, too. I hope this film allows people to take a moment to feel passionate about their own potential.”

Vital Perfection

Currently, the series consists of 15 products, including day and night treatments, masks and the breakthrough formula Intensive WrinkleSpot Treatment that has been proven to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles in 4 weeks. Learn about the Vital Perfection range and technology here.

Vital Perfection was born after decades of research into anti-aging skincare for Asian skin. In the pursuit of skincare innovation, Shiseido developed breakthrough formulas that have been proven to deliver superior age-defying power.

The star of this campaign is the highly effective Intensive WrinkleSpot Treatment, a breakthrough cream formula developed to reduce the appearance of age-related concerns, such as deep wrinkles, dark spots, and loss of firmness, and address them with key ingredients and technology.

Shiseido’s technology preserves retinol, delivering high potency straight to your skin. Powerfully reducing appearance of deep wrinkles and dark spots in just one week.

Vital Perfection LiftDefine Radiance Serum helps create a luminous, even complexion. Enhance results by applying it with a one-minute massage to face and neck for boosted beauty circulation and a fresh, youthful look. It visibly improves dullness, wrinkles, and loss of firmness in just four weeks.

The intensive-care formula targets signs of aging in the lower half of the face—an area that experiences relatively significant age-related change. The formula brightens dullness and diminishes the appearance of skin concerns and creates a firmer, more defined look.

Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Cream helps skin’s ability to regenerate. The rich moisturizer gives you a lifted look and brighter skin, as it glides on smoothly and absorbs easily into skin. Formulated with brightening 4MSK, and Safflower BLG Complex, for supple, moisture-rich skin. Fine lines caused by dryness become less visible. In one week, skin looks firmer and brighter.

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