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This Italian brand adds a touch of subtle luxury to Filipino kitchens 

Valcucine opens its newest showroom in Rockwell where clients can immerse themselves in the brand’s craftsmanship, innovation, and artistry.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Especially here in the Philippines.

It’s that one space where warm, home-cooked meals are made for members of the family to partake. From where a piping pot of bulalo is brought out to be relished while exchanging stories and life updates. For the typical Filipino family, the kitchen is a safe and sacred space. 

Normally associated with warmth and coziness, kitchens aren’t usually thought of as elegant. Italian luxury brand Valcucine dispels this notion. Known for its premium kitchen designs, the company headquartered in northeastern Italy has mastered the art of bringing together form and function for over four decades.

Forty-four years of blending form with function

Backed by 44 years of experience in the kitchen sector, Valcucine has proven that kitchens can be spaces of purposeful beauty. And it’s bringing its world renowned artistry and innovation even closer to Filipino clients through its partnership with Modularity Home, which recently launched a new Valcucine Manila showroom at The Proscenium in Rockwell, Makati.

But it’s not as if Valcucine is the new kid on the block. It has already delighted many a Filipino client for the past seven years with its premium products and top-notch service through its Manila Peninsula showroom. Its new space in Rockwell is but a testament to the company’s commitment to creative, thoughtful, sustainable, and sophisticated kitchen solutions. 

Stepping inside the showroom is like being transported to Tony Stark’s a.k.a Iron Man’s home. So that is how it must be like to prepare ingredients and cook meals in the kitchens of the rich and famous—everything looks sleek and posh, shiny and tasteful, with that distinct gleam that accompanies objects of value and class. 

Every inch of the Valcucine Manila showroom is a reflection of the company’s commitment to its four important values: timelessness, well-being, ergonomics, and sustainable innovation. And these pillars come together in every Valcucine installation—from the shelves to the cabinets, kitchen islands to drawers. 

At the new showroom, the four pillars are on full display in the brand’s so-called Vitrum Arte, Valcucine’s “contribution to the culture of beauty.” This special technique involves a process that reproduces designs by inlaying them in glass using a “very high-tech” process that is deeply-rooted in handicraft tradition. 

This unique method allows for the creation of intricate and personalized designs, ensuring each kitchen is not only functional but also a work of art—and also very much your own. The introduction of Vitrum Arte in the Makati showroom underscores Valcucine’s dedication to combining aesthetic beauty with practical utility.

Brunella Bighi, Valcucine sales director for Asia, said during the showroom’s media launch last May 20, that the company invented glass kitchens. “It was never done before,” she said. “It is still today our signature material.” 

“The first question always is—it’s glass, is it gonna break? Well, it’s not,” she asserted, letting out a chuckle. “In fact, the type of glass that we use is so incredibly resistant, that it’s even more resistant than stone and marble,” she emphasized. The Hong Kong-based branding and marketing expert added that Valcunine brings together traditional craftsmanship and a modern design.

Besides its signature glass kitchen, Valcucine offers the Genius Loci kitchen, which features a hidden drawer design that provides a subtle and efficient way to save space. The kitchen is customizable with various handcrafted finishes and embellishments.

A partnership rooted in passion

Aside from Bighi, who has been with Valcucine for eight years, the event was also attended by artist and designer Budji Layug; Brian Hontiveros, Modularity Home’s general manager; Angelo Borioli, Valcucine’s technical manager; Andrea Del Monte, CEO of Albed; and Alessia Del Monte, Albed’s export manager. Albed is a Milan-based brand which has been producing premium doors, sliding walls, and partitions which are all made in Italy since 1964.

Bighi, who is based in Hong Kong has helped the brand expand in Asia, said that Valcucine is not just a kitchen brand. “We always look for partners who are not just dealers or shop owners. They are really partners,” she said. “We look for the passion in our partners. If there is no passion, it’s really difficult to sell our kitchens. Not just because we are at the top of the range but because they are so unique.”

She added: “Brian (Hontiveros) is truly a partner of ours, not just a reseller. That’s the key.” 

Meanwhile, Hontiveros could only be so happy with Valcucine’s new space, sharing that the Peninsula showroom is lovely, but quite “hidden.” “We now have a bigger space that gives us more freedom to actually express the brands and express what we want to present to the market,” he shared. 

“We initially wanted to create (something) like a villa so that people, especially the ones who live close by, here in the Rockwell Centre, and people who live in the villages nearby, have a feel of what Valcucine would look like in an actual home or in a villa.”

An unforgettable collaboration

To celebrate the showroom’s opening, Modularity Home and Valcucine collaborated with National Artist for Visual Arts Benedicto “Bencab” Cabrera. The special project showcases Bencab’s Triptych on Sabel 1 on the new Logica Celata Bar. 

Only three exclusive pieces from this collaboration will be available, offering collectors a rare opportunity to own a part of Bencab’s artistic legacy. This unique integration of high art and kitchen design exemplifies Valcucine’s innovative approach to creating luxurious living spaces, and is also a nod to Philippine art. 

The media launch was followed by a party that included live music and a bar demonstration by Ito Space. Esteemed chefs Bruce Ricketts and Akong Gugma treated guests to an experiential food art installation that demonstrated the harmony between culinary art and kitchen design, emphasizing how Valcucine kitchens serve as a canvas for excellence and creativity.

The Valcucine Makati showroom is now open to the public, giving visitors an opportunity to explore the pinnacle of kitchen design. Each visit offers an immersive experience where clients can witness firsthand the brand’s subtle elegance, unique artistry, meticulous craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology.

Valcucine’s presence in the Philippines, through its new Rockwell showroom, represents more than just a retail location; it is a beacon of modern design and innovation in kitchen solutions.

Valcucine Manila is located at 2F, The Proscenium Retail Row Rockwell Center, Estrella, Makati. It’s open Mondays to Saturdays, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. For updates, follow the brand on Instagram.

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