Bethany Talbot is ready for a ‘90s revival

Bethany Talbot shines in a nostalgic yet playful nod to the ‘90s in The POST’s first cover issue.

For the first cover issue of The POST, Bethany Talbot’s elegant yet charming beauty is taken to the next level. Through a kaleidoscopic range of looks, Talbot’s various facets are brought into striking focus. Her diverse looks evoke a nostalgic yet modern vibe perfect for everyday inspiration.

Bethany’s energy, her elegant yet charming beauty are all captured by photographer Bjorn Michael, with styling by Julian Rodriguez, and with The POST Creative Director Erick Dizon’s guiding hand.

Headband and shoes, ROGER VIVIER; top, CALVIN KLEIN; trousers, ZEGNA

Bjorn describes the inspiration of the photoshoot as he was discussing with Erick photographers like Bill King and David Sims, two reference points that captured the delicate balance between style and art, commercial appeal and auteur sensibility.

“Erick’s reference to Bill King’s aesthetic struck a chord with me,” Bjorn recounts, “as I’m deeply inspired by David Sims whose works are similar with those of King’s. Given my preference for studio work, I felt perfectly at ease in bringing this vision to life.”

Turtleneck, HUGO BOSS

For Bjorn, his favorite look was the mid-shot featuring a Max Mara trench. “There’s an undeniable energy captured in that frame, drawing the viewer into a narrative of her infectious smile.” Across the board, Bjorn describes Bethany as exuding confidence and poise, resonant through her posture and poses.

“Photographing Bethany was a seamless experience, largely thanks to her professionalism and attentiveness on set,” the photographer said. “While every layout presents its unique highlights and challenges, working with Bethany was a true pleasure from start to finish.”

Coat, MAX MARA; dress shirt, ZEGNA; denim pants, MAX MARA; sandals, ROGER VIVIER

From a style perspective, the goal of the photoshoot was to find ways to complement Bethany’s natural beauty. Stylist Julian Rodriguez describes his minimalist process of “paring back the composition with garments that exude both a classic elegance and contemporary flair.”

Rodriguez aimed to craft a look that drew on Bethany’s sharp, European features which didn’t merely dwell on the easy touchpoints of exoticism, but forged a narrative in the process. “It was important to develop looks that were delicately balanced, subtly highlighting her overall presence. From fusing nostalgia to subtle nods, a relevant and timeless allure was in reference. Each look was tailored to embrace the strong spirit of the 90s with a modern edge.”

Headband and shoes, ROGER VIVIER; top, CALVIN KLEIN

The main objective of the shoot was to craft a narrative, but also to act as a starting point for an everyday ‘90s-inspired look. “Adjusting where needed, it was a smooth process shifting around areas,” Rodriquez reflects. “The open environment for collaboration ensured that everyone felt empowered to contribute their own perspective and vision.”

Shirt, JIL SANDER; skirt, MAX MARA

This direction, according to Bjorn, goes in line with the current, post-pandemic landscape of magazine photoshoots. “We’re witnessing a shift in lighting techniques and art direction, with an emphasis on authenticity and storytelling. Despite this modern wave, there’s a notable resurgence of inspiration from pre-2000.”

Citing photographers like David Sims, Mark Kean, Robin Galiegue, and Karim Sadli, whose works blend narrative nuance with forward-thinking style, Bjorn’s work with Bethany falls in line with this contemporary direction as he aims to fuse past and present elements, “imbuing them with a sense of nostalgia and modernism alike,” he says.

Jumpsuit, FENDI

These looks, whether you’re looking to incorporate a classic “little black dress,” or a more stripped-down denim attire, are easily accessible, drawing on a laid back and intuitive aura that anyone possessing the basics can achieve. The guiding ethos and styling approach of Bethany’s photoshoot, as it’s captured throughout, relies less on rigid rules, but on evocations of the nineties. A vibes-based, coastal cool approach.

Drawing inspiration from a bygone era, from J.Crew to oversized knits, these styles accentuate a way of thinking about fashion that looks forward into the future while acknowledging the foundations of the past.

Creative team:
PRODUCERS: Chad Alarcon and Ichi Acosta. CREATIVE DIRECTION: Erick Torres Dizon. PHOTOGRAPHY: Bjorn Michael. STYLING: Julian Rodriguez. MAKEUP: Poi Jakosalem. HAIR: Arvee Yadao Cahanap. NAILS: Antonia Grefaldian of Nail Spa. PRODUCTION MANAGERS: Denny Imson & Monica Toribio. VIDEO DIRECTOR: Brian Monge and Joshua Driza.

Special thanks to Hermes Beauty.

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