Traveling this cold season? Uniqlo’s updated Heattech will keep you warm

Heattech celebrates 20 years of game-changing thermal clothing.

Jointly developed by Uniqloand Toray Industries and launched in 2003, Heattech serves as Uniqlo ’s thin and warm thermal clothing technology that converts water vapor from the body into heat.

The cumulative unit sales of the popular line have reached approximately 1.5 billion items worldwide as of last year. Heattech embodies Uniqlo ’s LifeWear philosophy of simple, high-quality everyday clothing designed to make everyone’s life better.

The new Heattech items can be worn both as innerwear and for layering.

This fall and winter, the Heattech lineup has been updated to further enrich everyday life, featuring newly developed materials for greater comfort and an expanded range of design and color variations. Along with its signature innerwear, Uniqlo also offers a rich lineup of other apparel and goods that incorporate Heattech technology. Keeping you warm and comfortable during chilly weather, Heattech continues to support fashion designed for cold weather around the globe.

A new material that’s thin, light, and warm

New in the women’s line is the Heattech Ultra Light Turtleneck Top, made with the thinnest Heattech material yet. The use of ultra-fine fibers makes this item about 20% lighter than conventional Heattech innerwear.

Air pockets, created by knitting the thin yarn in a way that adds puffiness, help ensure heat retention.

With warmth the same as conventional Heattech items, the material offers smooth comfort and just the right amount of sheerness. It comes in a wide range of color variations as well.

These new items can be worn both as innerwear and for layering, making them highly versatile for styling during colder seasons.

Changes in knitting method for greater comfort

Heattech has rapidly become an essential item in people’s wardrobes.

The popular Heattech Extra Warm Seamless Ribbed lineup launched last year now has improved knitting specifications that makes it less prone to pilling, while still retaining its fluffy feel. The material used has also been updated with the recycled nylon.

The material for Heattech innerwear has been changed to recycled polyester. Including the Heattech Cotton Crew Neck L/S T-shirt (extra warm) series, color variations in the lineup have been expanded to broaden the range of styling options. Heattech Ultra Warm has been updated to a new material with a special knitting technique that holds more air, making it soft and lightweight while retaining the same warmth level the Ultra Warm line is known for.

First holiday collection from “Princesse tam.tam”

This new lineup features the brand’s signature coloring.

The French-born brand “Princesse tam.tam” joins the Heattech lineup as a new holiday collection.

It specializes in original prints and vibrant colors, and this new lineup features the brand’s signature coloring. The newly added items are seamless ribbed turtleneck and socks. The new items are scheduled to launch in November.

During Paris Fashion Week fall/winter 2023-24, a gathering of fashion industry professionals from around the world, Uniqlo conducted a survey about Uniqlo and Heattech products. The results show that the usage rate of Heattech increased by 25.5% since the previous survey, indicating a growing market penetration worldwide.

When asked what respondents like about Heattech, the most common answer was that it is warm without being bulky. Overall, respondents indicated that they wore Heattech because they want to stay warm while still enjoying fashion during the cold season.

Of those respondents who said they have worn Heattech, 70.6% stated they started wearing it within the last three years. Some respondents cited energy costs, rising prices, and changing temperatures changes as reasons, indicating that Heattech buying trends were partly affected by last year’s energy crisis.

In addition, when asked how often they wore Heattech, about half of respondents said they wore it on a daily basis indicating that, over the past three years, Heattech has rapidly become an essential item in people’s wardrobes.

Stay warm, keep comfortable, and travel in style with Uniqlo Heattech and its newest lineup.

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