An emperor’s feast awaits at Teppanya

A Filipino feast will always require an abundance of choices. Just look around at the current burgeoning local food scene and you will find that nothing draws in a crowd quite like the promise of unlimited servings of food at a buffet. While the masses might flock to an eat-all-you-can for P299, there are those that are still willing to pay extra for dishes that offer quality ingredients prepared by competent chefs.

This is the promise of Teppanya, a Filipino-owned unlimited Japanese teppanyaki concept that believes true value for money is about sourcing the best ingredients from all over the world so their customers can have them in abundance.

Hokkaido A5 Wagyu with Boston lobster tail
Hokkaido scallops sashimi with ikura

Teppanya chef Fernando Nuwan brings classical techniques to the table and not merely the misono acrobatics one would normally find in other teppanyaki restaurant chains. This way, they are able to properly utilize fine ingredients such as the best foie gras, truffles, and caviar from Europe and not merely as embellishment to jack up their food cost.

Their latest offering is their most lavish upgrade yet called the Emperor Unlimited Madness (P6,888+ for lunch or dinner) With this upgrade, diners get additional dishes aside from the usual selection such as Iberico secreto steak, smoked Iberico pluma steak and the Emperor nigiri set that contains Norwegian scampi, river prawn, and amaebi. These, and unlimited pours of Japanese beer and premium sake.

More dishes have also been added to their Unlimited Madness (P1988+ for lunch, P2188+ for dinner), such as an indulgent Hokkaido wagyu sando, aiju sea prawns (a sure crowd pleaser), amaebi nigiri and sashimi, and Special Nigiri Set (amaebi, spanner crab gunkan, and river prawn). There are Hokkaido scallops that come either seared or as a sashimi topped with ikura. And when one still needs a little something to fill them up, a bowl of their lobster and scallop chahan is the most delicious way to do it.

In between the two unlimited offerings are the Deluxe (P2,988+ for lunch and P3,188+ for dinner) and Premium Unlimited Madness (P3,998+ for lunch and P4,188+ for dinner) if you fancy going a little more special meal but not emperor levels! Only the Emperor Unlimited Madness, however, offers unlimited sake and beer.

Teppanya is truly in a league all their own with their ever evolving selection of the best ingredients sourced from all over the world, enticing new customers and giving many reasons for regulars to keep coming back.

Special nigiri set: river prawn, spanner crab gunkan, amaebi

While many buffets merely focus on volume and other teppanyaki outlets choose to wow with a spectacular live cooking show (which are also great reasons to show up), this homegrown gem wants to give you that and more.

Teppanya believes that their guests deserve only A5 Wagyu, Boston lobster tail, and more of the most luxurious ingredients they can find, and they want you to have as much if it as you want. Now that’s Filipino hospitality.

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