Craving new flavors? Check out Ippudo’s limited-edition yakiniku dishes

The famed ramen restaurant’s yakiniku ramen and yakiniku bun are available until April 30, 2024.

Ippudo announces the launch of its limited-edition Yakiniku Ramen and Yakiniku Bun, marking a series of culinary releases with the theme “Great Ramen, Great Sides.” The dishes showcase Ippudo’s mastery of ramen and its complementary dishes. 

The Yakiniku Ramen comprises Ippudo’s original creamy 15-hour pork bone broth and Hakata-style noodles. It is topped with thinly sliced pork, tossed in a blended mix of teriyaki and spicy miso sauce, an umami-rich koyu oil (black garlic oil), nori, and shio tamago (egg). 

Ippudo’s Yakiniku Ramen

Meanwhile, the Yakiniku Bun features a tender beef slab marinated in bulgogi and spicy miso sauce, lettuce, and kara mayo—a combination of Japanese mayonnaise and mustard—to balance out the flavor of the meat. The beef is served in a soft steamed bun.

Yakiniku Bun

Ippudo will also serve the Yakiniku Bun in a set of three, including the Pork Bun and the Fried Chicken Bun. All sandwiches come with signature sauces and lettuce. 

The trio set of Ippudo’s buns.

The Yakiniku Ramen and Yakiniku Bun will be available from February 19 to April 30, 2024 at all Ippudo locations. Throughout the year, Ippudo will also release new ramen dishes quarterly and complementing side dishes. For more updates and information, check out @ippudoph on Instagram.

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