Experience this steak and whisky pairing menu at Wolfgang until Oct. 15

Enjoy “The Taste of Blue,” Wolfgang’s four-course menu accompanied by a selection of Johnnie Walker Blue Label serves.

Last June 2023, Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Wolfgang Steakhouse launched “The Taste of Blue,” an exclusive steak and whisky pairing menu. The four-course meal, accompanied by a selection of Blue Label serves, was developed in collaboration with Chris Oronce, executive chef of Wolfgang’s Steakhouse.

Johnnnie Walker Blue x Wolfgang
Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Wolfgang Steakhouse extend their exclusive partnership. Photos courtesy of Rebel Marketing.

Taste of Blue

“The Taste of Blue” begins with a serving of Canadian bacon, paired with the bold and complex flavors of Johnnie Walker Blue Label neat. A seafood platter then follows, partnered with Blue Label whisky on the rocks. 

Wolfgang’s famous Porterhouse steak—with mashed potatoes, spinach, and grilled asparagus—stars as the main course, accompanied by the signature Johnnie Walker Blue Label serve – neat with iced water on the side. The serve is meant to be enjoyed by sipping the whisky and water alternately to bring out the fruity and subtle smoke of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

Finishing the course is a special whisky-infused dessert—a balanced sweet and smoky finale to “The Taste of Blue.”

wolfgang steak
“The Taste of Blue” is available in select Wolfgang Steakhouse branches until October 15, 2023.

As diners enjoy each course, the distinctive flavor profiles take center stage alongside the remarkable depth found in a Johnnie Walker Blue Label, made from some of Scotland’s rarest and most exceptional whiskies.

“The Taste of Blue is a whisky pairing experience which invites the most discerning whisky connoisseurs to explore the complex depths of Johnnie Walker Blue Label in a unique way that engages all the senses while they enjoy the decadent dishes of Wolfgang’s Steakhouse,” shares Merell Beltran, Marketing Manager for Culture and Advocacy at Diageo.

The availability of “The Taste of Blue” pairing menu by Johnnie Walker Blue Label has been extended to October 15, 2023 at the Newport World Resorts, City of Dreams Manila – Integrated Resort, Hotel & Casino, and Bonifacio Global City branches. The set menu for two is priced at P9,488 per person.

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