Casa Juan elevates your table setting with the Ibon collection

The female-founded lifestyle brand recently introduced a new collection of plates inspired by four bird species endemic to the Philippines.

Since its founding in 2020, Casa Juan has been producing plates and dining accouterments. Every collection follows an ongoing journey in Philippine life, culture, craft, and heritage. Every plate is designed to ring in the joyful spirit and distinct brand of hospitality known to the archipelago. Every Casa Juan product is a piece of Philippine life in your home.

Working with Philippine artists and designers has also become part of the Casa Juan design narrative. To date, the brand has launched two collections in collaboration with fashion designer Rajo Laurel, and renowned artists Cora Albano and Dominic Rubio.

This March, the female-founded lifestyle brand introduces “Ibon,” a new collection of plates inspired by tropical life in the Philippines.

The female-founded lifestyle brand recently introduced a new collection of plates inspired by tropical life in the Philippines.

Four avian species endemic to the Philippines

“Our first collection was inspired by the birds Kalaw and Handsome Sunbird. The Ibon Collection is a continuation of this celebration of our country as a global hotspot for biodiversity. We have 237 endemic bird species in our country, and I hope that through Casa Juan, the world will appreciate the beauty of our natural resources and our country,” said Michelle Fontelera, who launched the brand in 2020.

The Philippines is a vibrant archipelago bursting with life. For Michelle, sunbirds endemic to the country are particularly striking. “They are beautiful winged creatures that do not get featured as much,” she explained.

The “Ibon” collection features four bird species that are endemic to the Philippines.

Informed by a vision of bringing a piece of local life to every home, she began working on a new collection of plates that would bring the beautiful colors and textures of these dainty, winged creatures to every table.

Ibon showcases four avian species that are endemic to the country. First is the Palawan Flowerpecker which is found only on the isles of Busuanga, Culion, Calauit, and Calamaines.

The high plains of Mt. Kitanglad and Mt. Apo, meanwhile, are home to the Red-Eared Parrot Finch. In Mindanao there is the Cinnamon Ibon or Old-World Sparrow. Lastly, there is the Blue-headed Fan Tail, with its unique color patterns and hues, and found only in Luzon and Catanduanes.

Mindanao’s Cinnamon Ibon as featured on a Casa Juan plate

Every collection from Casa Juan brings a piece of local life to every table. In putting together Ibon,” Michelle had the idea of highlighting the country’s rich biodiversity through tableware. “Our pieces are intended to become conversation starters, a chance for us to talk about the beauty of the Philippines,” she added.

A worthwhile partnership

Part of the proceeds from the sale of Casa Juan pieces are dedicated to supporting the feeding programs of Reach Out and Feed Philippines. The long-term partnership, which came into fruition in 2023, aims to reach out to less privileged children who suffer from hunger and widespread malnutrition.

Last year, Casa Juan had the honor of supporting Reach Out and Feed Philippines’ initiatives in Batu-Batu Central School in Tawi-Tawi. The project touched the lives of roughly 600 students from Kinder to Grade 6.

Blue-headed Fan Tail

This year, Casa Juan endeavors to deepen its commitment to fighting hunger and malnutrition in the Philippines by participating in more feeding programs around Luzon and other parts of the country.

For 2024, the brand plans to support Reach Out and Feed Philippines’ Project Baon, an initiative that aims to address poor nutrition among school children, which impedes performance and learning. Project Baon, with support from brands like Casa Juan, provides daily and consistent nutrient-rich meals for malnourished children in impoverished communities around the country.

Red-eared Parrot Finch

“Our partnership with Reach Out and Feed Philippines aligns perfectly with our vision of bringing a piece of Philippine life to the table,” said Michelle. “Through this collaboration, we can also bring joy and nutrition to the less fortunate—all while inviting them to our table, in a symbolic way. We also invite all our patrons to join in this effort to share the abundance on their tables to the lives of our less fortunate children.”

To find out more about Reach Out and Feed Philippines, visit its official website.

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