Elevating everyday spaces: Trailblazing women artists design bathroom collection

Four artists from the US, Brazil, India and China share a passion for daring innovation and tapping into history to shape their designs.

In celebration of its 150th anniversary, Kohler, a leader in kitchen and bathroom products, partnered with four artists from around the world: China’s Ziling Wang, Brazil’s Ananda Nahú, India’s Pushpa Kumari, and the US’ Elle.

Now, you can have art in your bathroom too—not to hang, but to actually use.

Kohler’s latest Artist Editions collection was launched in the Philippines by local distributor Dexterton at the official opening of the new Kohler showroom in Bonifacio Global City. Themed “Come All Creators,” the event highlighted Dexterton’s 20-year partnership with Kohler Co. The launch brought together the vibrant, creative community of Manila: architects, interior designers and artists came together to celebrate the fusion of art and innovation.

Ananda Nahú

As a bold innovator in her field, Brazilian artist Ananda Nahú interprets diverse facets of her local culture and heritage through the unique use of layered visual techniques.   

A key element in many of Kohler’s Artist Editions products, the use of pattern and vivid color is demonstrated in Nahú’s pieces for this collection. “Flora Tropical,” a vibrant water-themed collage, blends bright, invigorating colors with layered foliage patterns onto Kohler’s Brazn sink, Brazn freestanding bath, and Numi 2.0 smart toilet. 


As a street artist challenging social norms and fearlessly innovating her craft, Elle is renowned as a groundbreaking creator and muralist. The artist has exhibited around the world—from the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London to a 200-foot-tall projection onto the facade of the New Museum in New York.

Elle applies her multi-faceted perspective and signature collage style to Kohler’s Brazn sink, Brazn freestanding bath and Numi 2.0 smart toilet as canvases for her art. Her Artist Editions work, “Falling Gently,” is interpreted in Kohler’s heritage colors, offers vivid floral forms on a delicate abstract background infused with spray paint drips—a reference to her portfolio of work.

Ziling Wang

Ziling Wang challenges viewers to see art, heritage, and culture through a different lens. Her pioneering use of paint media and multidimensional compositions has earned her recognition around the world. 

Kohler recognizes her bold use of vibrant, sweeping color and her innovative painting technique that creates a unique 3-D visual perspective. Her “A World on Strings” for the Artist Editions evokes a mythological atmosphere while offering homage to Chinese New Year with the rabbit integrated into her design.

Pushpa Kumari

Channeling her Indian heritage and generational connections to ancient Mithila art traditions, Pushpa Kumari visualizes complex modern themes through her art. 

Leveraging Kohler’s products as her canvas, her use of pattern and intricate linework for “Aranya” or Hindi for forest celebrates the beauty and simplicity of the natural world.

“We take immense pride in being part of Kohler’s 150th anniversary celebration, and our primary goal is to share with our clients the same artistic fulfillment and creativity that it exemplifies,” says Audrey Go, VP and Creative Director at Dexterton.

Dexterton showrooms are located in BGC and Quezon City. Visit their website or follow Dexterton on Facebook and Instagram.

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