Caumasee Artisans de Genève’s personalized timepiece immortalizes the emotion of flight 

An extraordinary journey in watch customization brings memories to life

A unique timepiece has emerged from a remarkable collaboration between a passionate watch enthusiast and watch modification atelier Artisans de Genève, capturing the essence of a deeply cherished memory. 

Inspired by a breathtaking hot air balloon flight over Caumasee Lake in Switzerland, the client embarked on a quest to transform their watch into a tangible symbol of an unforgettable moment. 

“I have been flying in a hot air balloon for years.I love the feeling this experience provides, floating and dancing in the air. Discovering the landscape at my fingertips is so gratifying since I am the one playing with the air using gravity,” the client enthused.

With meticulous attention to detail and the expertise of skilled artisans, Artisans de Genève brought the client’s vision to life, creating the masterpiece known as “Caumasee.”

A Symphony of Craftsmanship

To encapsulate the emotions evoked by the mesmerizing beam of light illuminating the landscape at Lake Caumasee, Artisans de Genève employed several techniques. The movement’s 324 caliber underwent meticulous hand polishing and circular graining, enhancing its luminosity and brilliance. The plate, representing the dazzling blue hues of the lake, went through a time-consuming hammering process, inspired by the texture of galuchat skin. Each strike required precise pressure and a specific touch, combining the radiance and strength of yellow gold with the soothing softness of almond blue.

Colors That Stir the Soul

The client’s profound connection to the ever-changing colors witnessed during the balloon flight served as the guiding inspiration for the watch’s palette. “I vividly remember this special flight because of the overwhelming emotions I felt while witnessing the sun shining and playing with the woods, the lake, and the sky,” the client said. 

The final choice of colors resulted in a regal ebony shade complemented by rose gold accents, enhanced by a delicate almond blue.

Technical Specifications

The foundation of this horological masterpiece is the Patek Philippe® 5167A base. However, it is the extraordinary modifications and enhancements that truly make the “Caumasee” timepiece shine:

  • Dial: Openwork, royal ebony, circular-grained, adorned with white Super-LumiNova.
  • Movement: The fully skeletonized 324 caliber boasts hand-beveled and satin-finished components, with an anthracite coating for an exquisite appearance.
  • Balance Bridge: An in-house creation, meticulously mirror-polished by skilled artisans.
  • Plate: A mesmerizing lake blue hue, expertly hammered and hand-beveled, offering captivating depth and texture.
  • Hands: Refined and beveled to ensure perfect harmony with the watch’s overall aesthetic.
  • Rotor: A captivating openwork design in gold, showcasing the craftsmanship of Artisans de Genève.
  • Straps: Crafted from royal ebony and almond blue, expertly combined with genuine rubber by Rubber B, providing both elegance and comfort.

Capturing the Unforgettable

The essence of a cherished memory is inherently personal to the individual who experienced it. The “Caumasee” watch was designed to forge a deep connection between the wearer and their deeply ingrained memento. 

To achieve this, Artisans de Genève set out to showcase the splendor of the 324 caliber, transforming it into a work of art. Each bridge was meticulously hand-beveled and adorned with circular graining, imbuing the watch with a sense of timeless beauty. The signature balance bridge, carved from a block of stainless steel, required remarkable dexterity and impeccable technique to achieve its striking brushed finish and mirror-like brilliance. Similarly, the plate underwent hours of meticulous craftsmanship to ensure its exceptional quality.

With the “Caumasee” timepiece, Artisans de Genève has pushed the boundaries of watch customization, transforming a simple object into a vessel for treasured memories. As the wearer gazes upon their wrist, they are transported back to that magical moment, forever connected to the ethereal beauty of their unforgettable experience.

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