Ancient majesty, modern marvels: Dior’s Fall 2023 campaign mesmerizes at the Great Pyramid of Giza 

In the majestic presence of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Dior seamlessly blends the past and the future.

Dior’s pyramids of Giza show last year was the fashion brand’s first at the historic monument, where models sported futuristic menswear against a stunning 4,500-year-old backdrop. 

In continuation of this groundbreaking event, Kim Jones, the visionary for Dior, now unveils his extraordinary creations for the Fall 2023 show, titled “Celestial,” casting an enchanting dialogue between ancient civilizations and the modern world. At this extraordinary intersection of time and culture, a transcendent journey commences, accompanied by a captivating campaign that unveils the treasures of ancient Egypt, serving as a breathtaking backdrop.

Dior's Fall 2023 campaign
Dior's Fall 2023 campaign Yellow

Within this dreamlike tableau, a new language emerges, born from the harmonious fusion of the timeless Dior style and the inventive spirit of the ateliers. A striking embodiment of this fusion is found in the half-kilts crafted from luxurious wool, reminiscent of the bias pleated skirts adorning the women of the 1950s, known as the Bonne Fortune dress. Fearlessly transcending gender boundaries, these garments embody the convergence of masculinity and femininity.

Dior's Fall 2023 campaign half-kilts
Dior's Fall 2023 campaign fearless
Dior's Fall 2023 campaign pyramid of Giza

Employing cutting-edge techniques, such as rubber injection molding, the iconic cannage motif gracefully adorns the Saddle, infusing it with contemporary allure. This graphic pattern, which has become a symbol of Dior’s heritage, also adorns the Desert Runner B31 high-top sneakers, imbuing them with a touch of quasi-sci-fi sophistication. Furthermore, the motif finds expression in the form of intricately crafted helmets and harnesses, brought to life through the magic of 3D printing.

Dior's Fall 2023 campaign extraordinary

These extraordinary creations extend an invitation to embark on a daring exploration, inviting individuals to venture into uncharted territories and embrace the boundless imagination of the House of Dior. Reflecting the House’s unrivaled inventiveness, this collection transports us to a realm where ancient and modern, tradition and innovation seamlessly coexist, inspiring awe and captivating our senses.

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