Bally sheds its skin for Spring/Summer 2023 

Nothing is more seductive than Rhuigi Villaseñor’s conviction.

“Throughout my journey exploring the Bally archive, I’ve been inspired by the brand’s codes around art, graphic design, architecture and nature, and I’m excited to interpret this heritage with a new vision,” wrote Villaseñor on Bally’s official Instagram account before a show that presented a delicate Cali-cool odyssey across a soft interpretation of Euro-luxe.

Euro Luxe by Bally
Ecydsis, Villaseñor's debut collection: rich python leather
Ecydsis, Villaseñor's debut collection: rich python leather, layered denim looks, and head-to-toe metallic ensembles
Ecydsis, Villaseñor's debut collection:  metallic ensemble
Ecydsis, Villaseñor's debut collection:  90s Tom Ford Gucci-esque

Ecydsis, Villaseñor’s debut collection for Spring/Summer 2023, opened with a slew of suede, rich python leather, layered denim looks, and head-to-toe metallic ensembles, finished with breezy creams and seductive ‘90s Tom Ford Gucci-esque goddess dresses that sparkled with sequins and signature gold buckles. 

Bally Spring Summer 2023
Bally Spring/Summer 2023: Ecydis
Ecydis Collection 2023
Aman resort : holiday
Villaseñor's Bally: mule
Villaseñor's Bally: khaki
Villaseñor's Bally: sandals
Villaseñor's Bally : swaths of navy blue

The selection wandered far and wide within these two areas, with swaths of navy blue, khaki, and rust—befitting for a holiday in an Aman resort.

A distinguishing element of Villaseñor’s Bally was the pointed footwear, included in a variety of styles such as Mary Janes, sandals, mules, and boots. It was a sign that he was going in the right direction.

Villaseñor's Bally : pointed footwear
Ecdysis : radical luxury

A sense of refinement, sophisticated styling, and a focus on future classics informed the collection. And as Villaseñor puts it, “Ecdysis is a reset and a celebration of radical luxury. It was clear to me that my energy and my point of view would be the catalyst for a renaissance.” 

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