A whiff of inspiration The magic of Diptyque Eau Papier 

The captivating olfactory notes of L’Eau Papier include delicate rice steam, brilliant mimosa, and glowing musk tones.

The act of putting ink on paper has a magical quality. It is nothing short of thrilling to watch the ink soak into the paper, casting shadows and bringing life to entire universes. It’s a split second in which my hand, the ink, and the paper are all one. And now, with the release of Diptyque’s L’Eau Papier perfume, that feeling can be experienced in a completely new way.

 L'Eau Papier

When I first heard about L’Eau Papier, I was intrigued. The fragrance celebrates the power of imagination and the creative process. It’s an encounter-made perfume, plunging us into the heart of musk and its multiple facets. Like musk, L’Eau Papier evolves and expresses itself over time and on different skin types.

The olfactory notes captivated me as I learned about them. Rice steam, resembling the grain of paper, gives the aroma a delicately faceted appearance. Mimosa’s brilliant notes are added, and L’Eau Papier is grounded in glowing musk tones. It’s a lovely ode to creativity, reminding us that ideas can strike anywhere.

But it’s the history of the fragrance that truly grabbed my interest. It’s a tale of combining several artistic mediums to produce something fresh and lovely. Together with perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin and artist Alix Waline, the fragrance was created. They were motivated by the notion that any creative effort, from writing and sketching to, now, fragrance, may begin with a blank sheet of paper.

Diptyque Eau Papier 

As an artist myself, I’ve always been attracted to the power of the blank sheet. Taking a concept and giving it life on paper is a thrilling part of the creative process. L’Eau Papier wonderfully expresses that sentiment, serving as a constant reminder of the value of imagination, the importance of allowing my senses to lead me across the page, and the strength of teamwork.

And did you know that the perfumer used Grasse mimosa, a variety that has been cultivated since 1865? Its downy yellow flowers bloom in February on the hills around the town of Grasse, offering a stunning sight scented with sunny, floral, and honeyed notes. It’s details like this that make L’Eau Papier truly special.

L'Eau Papier bottle

L’Eau Papier is a perfume that, in the end, honors the beauty of imagination. It serves as a reminder that creativity may come from any place and that producing something new has great power. So the next time you’re feeling unmotivated or stuck, grab a bottle of L’Eau Papier. Take a sensory voyage with its gentle musk and brilliant mimosa and see where your imagination takes you.

Diptyque L’Eau Papier Eau de Toilette is available in two sizes: 100ml (P9,250) and 50ml (P6,250) and can be purchased at Diptyque Central Square, Diptyque Rockwell Boutique, Rustans Makati, Shangrila and Cebu, Adora Greenbelt 5, as well as online stores such as Rustans.com, Adora.ph, and Trunc.ph.

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