Olpiana Andres
Olpiana Andres

Olpiana Andres’ bespoke suits for women translate strength in femininity

As Olpiana Andres’ chief marketing officer Hannah Torres puts it, “the strength of a woman is amplified in a clothing that is cut, tailored and handcrafted to fit her unique individuality.”

“Women [have been taking bigger] responsibilities in the workforce,” says Olpiana Andres‘ CMO, Hannah Torres. Citing the continuous rise of women CEOs globally and the presence of strong women in public settings, Hannah reiterates how a nice wardrobe—specifically a well-made suit—can help these individuals command respect, confidence, and strength.

“However, it [has been] almost impossible to get quality tailored suits for women, as this type of clothing is almost entirely catered to men only. Olpiana Andres aims to level the playing field for women by making quality bespoke and made-to-order suits available for Filipinas, allowing them to finding strength in [tailored] suits,” she adds.

Founder and CEO Eilene Ramirez affirms Hannah’s sentiments. As the lady behind gentleman’s tailoring house Tiño, she noted how there wasn’t a solid menswear movement happening in the Philippines—much less a bespoke womenswear service.

Olpiana Andres CMO Hannah Torres
A well-made suit tailored for women exudes strength in femininity.
PHOTO: Olpiana Andres

“When Tiño began in 2012, the scene was all about the ‘tourist tailors’ along Pasay Road and the ‘suits in 24 hours.’ So, the first two years was extremely about communicating the craft of bespoke and finding [Tiño’s] niche market. I can confidently say that we were part of the ones who started the first movement on menswear bespoke tailoring and proud that we have contributed into uplifting the art of bespoke and its craftsmen in the country,” she recalls.

As Tiño set the momentum for the bespoke movement, it was only natural for Eilene to push the brand forward and begin another pioneering effort—Olpiana Andres: bespoke suits for women.

“For years, we have watched Tiño Suits [make its way] into the hearts of gentlemen. From being the finest tailoring in Manila wielded by years of experience, [now we are moving to] the new chapter of creating something special and exclusive for ladies,” Eilene notes.

Olpiana Andres holds the distinction of being the first in the industry to tailor exclusively for women (though men who fit the garments are very much welcome to wear them). As such, the house is particular with the fabric, fit, measurement, cutting, lines, proportion, design, color, and texture of their suits.

Olpiana Andres suits for women
As a pioneer in the industry, Olpiana Andres is particular with the fabric, fit, measurement, cutting, lines, proportion, design, color, and texture of their suits.

PHOTO: Olpiana Andres

The team employs a painstaking process of pattern making and intricate garment construction. This includes handwork and several fittings to construct a garment with perfect finishing for clients. Typically, a commissioned bespoke suit takes about six to eight weeks to finish with two to three fittings.

Olpiana Andres upholds the belief that tailors and designers should be given the same level of respect. They stand for the duality of exceptional tailoring style and fashion design. Their team is composed of designers with creative minds and a respectable master tailor who is the “architect” of every piece that they make.

In the coming collections, the brand will be launching ceremonial suits soon with additional details like appliqué, beadwork, and intricate embroidery.

“[With Olpiana Andres,] you are getting the best of both worlds. [We are] passionate about creating garments that translate strength in femininity, elegance in simplicity, and sophistication in redefined classics,” the founder and CEO ends.

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