Springtime has come to Starbucks

Cherry blossom season is almost here. The dainty sakura blooms are about mesmerize and remind us of life’s beauty and impermanence once again.

Starbucks is known for its seasonal merchandise as much as it’s known for coffee. It has Christmas- and Halloween-themed mugs and cups, for instance, and even an adorable Save the Earth line in mid-2023.

Just recently, Starbucks Philippines unveiled its newest collection that is inspired by the beauty of cherry blossoms and allows us to welcome spring amid the blazing heat of the tropics.

Secret Eden Cherry Blossom Line 

Over the weekend, I dropped by two Starbucks branches in SM City North EDSA to check out its Secret Eden Cherry Blossom Line.

The drinkware collection, which is co-created by Starbucks Asia Pacific and Starbucks Korea, aims to evoke springtime’s vibrancy and restorative power. 

It features a color palette that radiates freshness, vitality, and rejuvenation, with the gentle pink hues accentuated by apricot and orange undertones.

The tumblers, cups, and mugs look so dainty in varying shades of pink. The 10oz Cherry Blossom Flower Petal Mug (P1,045), in particular, is shaped like an actual cherry blossom.

The Cherry Blossom Petals with Flower Lid Water Bottle (P2,095) is also very pretty with a lid that’s topped with a sakura bloom. 

What caught my eye, however, and I’m seriously thinking of buying myself one, is the 3oz Cherry Blossom Secret Garden Mug (P1,945) that has a snow globe on its lid. Inside the globe is a bear on a wooden rowboat beside a mound of cherry blossoms—it’s so cute!

There are also the Starbucks x Stanley 40 oz. Scoville water bottles (P3,195 each), which are both Philippine exclusives. The collab is available in two colors, Floral White and Floral Purple, with the floral prints tempering the otherwise sturdy exterior Stanley products are known for. 

The tumblers and cups, meanwhile, have objects we associate with a garden such as a water fountain, a wooden door, or a swing set against a backdrop of cherry blossoms. 

Also available is everybody’s favorite Starbucks Bearista plushie (P1695), this time, wearing a sakura-themed outfit that’s perfect for a picnic at a secret garden.

Other non-beverage related merchandise are a cherry blossom silicone pouch (P695) and a Bearista keychain (P1,075).

Everything is so pretty, I wish I had the money to buy them all!

The collection is now available in all Starbucks branches nationwide and on its official website. You can also purchase the items on its Lazada and Shopee flagship stores.

Springtime eats

Complementing its dreamy Secret Eden Cherry Blossom Line is its all-new French Vanilla Mille-Feuille Oatmilk Latte, Starbucks’ take on the classic French dessert, topped with flaky pastry toppings.

An order starts at P225 and can be had iced, ice-blended, or hot. 

I opted for hot and it was as smooth and buttery as expected—as comforting yet as indulgent as any springtime drink should be. Will order it iced next time! 

Some favorites have also returned, like the Mango Coco Sans Rival Cheesecake (P295/slice, P2,945/whole), described as a fusion of two well-loved desserts that highlight the sweet and refreshing flavors of mangoes.​

I tried the Sakura Doughnut (P95), which is a donut glazed with pink chocolate ganache and hints of cherry blossoms. I wish it were a little fluffier next time, though. 

The popular Sakura Doughnut (P95) makes a comeback.

Then there’s the Black Sesame Crêpe Cake (P275/slice, P2,195/whole), which are layers of crêpes with roasted black sesame filling and sprinkled with roasted black sesame seeds.​ 

There’s also the Cheesy Brioche Bun (P115), a soft, buttery bread loaded with an herb cheese filling and a hint of sweetness. 

Starbucks has also brought back its Plant-based Chocolate Chip Cookie with Belgian Chocolate (P105), a satisfying yet guilt-free treat.  

If you’re craving something savory, its Sausage Ragù (P235) pasta is back on the menu, as well as its flavorful Mushroom Melt (P195). 

To check which Starbucks branch is nearest you, click here.

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