Fresh out of college? Here are the Top 25 employers in PH for you to consider

The list was released by student careers website Prosple, with Unilever Philippines taking the top spot.

Once the graduation festivities die down, fresh graduates must face what usually is the very first hurdle in the “real world”: getting their first job.

Sure, we have a dream job or a dream company, but things are quite different once you’ve started applying, especially with the job market being even more competitive than it has ever been. 

Job hunting can be a daunting experience, especially for fresh grads. Photo from Unsplash

There’s also the issue of what your prospective companies can offer you beyond your paycheck. Hence, you must also look into opportunities for growth, learning, training, and promotion.

As important is looking into factors like office work environment, culture, inclusivity, and diversity to help you achieve work-life balance.

A guide toward a rewarding career path

All things considered, job hunting can be overwhelming, especially for someone who just graduated from college.

Good thing we have guides such as Prosple’s.

Since the careers and education technology company launched its Top 100 Employers for Fresh Graduates List in 2015 in Australia, it has been a valuable resource for students seeking a rewarding career path. 

To arrive at the list, Prosple uses a tried-and-tested methodology that takes into account the popularity and quality of each employer’s graduate program. 

An infographic of Prosple’s methodology. Photo from Prosple

In an article on Rappler, Prosple’s head of parnerships Yohanne Esguerra was quoted, saying, “Our approach combines the dual facets of popularity and quality to evaluate each employer’s internship and graduate programs comprehensively.”

Popularity, she said, constitutes 75 percent of the assessment, and reflects the engagement and interest garnered through page views and applications across all Prosple platforms.

The remaining 25%, on the other hand, is dedicated to quality, and is derived from Graduate Satisfaction Reviews conducted within the company which offer valuable insights into the employee experience.

Top 25 employers in PH for fresh grads

This year, Unilever Philippines, a leader in R&D and manufacturing, clinched the top spot—a huge leap compared to being in 22nd place in 2023. 

Second-placer Emerson Manila, a technology and engineering company, also jumped several notches higher from 43rd in 2023.  

Erstwhile top-ranked Unilab, meanwhile, slipped from 1st to 3rd in 2024.

Here’s the list of the Top 25 companies in the Philippines for fresh graduates.

  1. Unilever Philippines (R&D and manufacturing)
  2. Emerson Manila (Technology)
  3. Unilab (R&D and manufacturing)
  4. Oracle Philippines (Technology)
  5. AboitizPower (Energy and utilities)
  6. Home Credit Philippines (Banking and financial services)
  7. Security Bank Corporation (Banking and financial services)
  8. Emma – The Sleep Company (Retail, sales, and consumer goods)
  9. Manila Electric Company (Meralco) (Energy and utilities)
  10. Nestle Philippines (Retail, sales, and consumer goods)
  11. McDonald’s Philippines (Golden Arches Development Corporation) (Retail, sales, and consumer goods)
  12. San Miguel Corporation (Retail, sales, and consumer goods)
  13. Shopee Philippines (Retail, sales, and consumer goods)
  14. China Banking Corporation (Banking and financial services)
  15. Starbucks Philippines (Retail, sales, and consumer goods)
  16. Globe Telecom (Technology)
  17. Foodpanda Philippines (Retail, sales, and consumer goods)
  18. Deloitte Philippines (Accounting and advisory)
  19. Cebu Pacific Air (Transport & logistics)
  20. Procter & Gamble Philippines (Retail, sales, and consumer goods)
  21. Bank of the Philippine Islands (Banking and financial services)
  22. Shell Philippines (Mining, oil, and gas)
  23. Monde Nissin Corporation (Retail, sales, and consumer goods)
  24. Sun Life Global Solutions (Banking and financial services)
  25. Shell Philippines (Mining, oil, and gas)

Canva, which many netizens praise for its unique employment perks, slipped from 2nd place to the 81st spot. 

Media and entertainment company ABS-CBN also had a sharp drop in rankings, falling from 3rd place in 2023 to 62nd in 2024.

For the complete list of Top 100 employers, you may click on this link.

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