Autohub Group launches the Lotus Eletre R in the Philippines

At the 11th Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit (PEVS), Lotus Philippines continues its strengthened presence and expansion in the country with the launch of the Lotus Eletre R.

The Autohub Group recently introduced the most advanced model of the Lotus lineup, the Lotus Eletre R, an electric hyper-SUV infused with racecar DNA at the 11th PEVS, a three-day summit on the latest technologies and developments in electric vehicles.

The Lotus Eletre launch event featured short presentations on the Lotus brand identity from both local and international angles. Moreover, the innovative features of the Eletre model were discussed in detail. The event closed with an invitation to observe the Eletre in person and test the charging station. 

At the Lotus Eletre launch event were Willy Tee Ten, President of the Autohub Group; Owee Cruz, Autohub Group VP for PR, Marketing, and Fleet; Jeff Lizardo, Lotus Cars Manila General Manager; and Katya Zavialova, Head of Southeast Asia Pacific for Group Lotus.

From left: Willy Tee Ten, President of the Autohub Group; Katya Zavialova, Head of Southeast Asia Pacific for Group Lotus; Jeff Lizardo, Lotus Cars Manila General Manager.

The Lotus Eletre takes the heart and soul of the latest Lotus sports car, the Emira, and the aerodynamics of the all-electric Evija hypercar, and reinterprets them as a hyper-SUV. It delivers class-leading ride and handling, steering and aero performance – areas of automotive design and engineering where Lotus has both pioneered and dominated throughout its 75-year history, on road cars and race cars.

It is also the epitome of beautiful design, efficient and elegant engineering solutions, embracing technology, the best craftsmanship, advanced materials, innovation and ingenuity, and pushing new boundaries.

Katya Zavialova speaks to members of the media about the new Lotus Eletre R.

“This launch marks another milestone in the partnership of Autohub Group and Lotus. I am so thrilled to unveil the Eletre, an innovative and progressive electric vehicle, especially during such a momentous time in the local electric vehicle landscape. The 11th Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit was such a stimulating display of the potential of electric vehicles, and I am so glad that Autohub and Lotus were a part of it,” said Tee Ten.

“The Lotus Eletre is a stunning showcase of the future of electric cars. I am so thrilled that Eletre’s cutting-edge technology and performance is coming to the Philippines,” remarked Zavialova.

The Lotus Eletre is set at an introductory price of P9,999,000 for a limited time only—a P500,000 discount from its suggested retail price of P10,499,000.

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