7 locally curated fashion brands to explore this holiday season

As we approach the peak of holiday season, the spotlight is not just on festive decorations and twinkling lights but on a celebration of local style and craftsmanship.

This year, make your holiday shopping spree more meaningful by exploring locally made fashion items—from chic eyewear to functionally eclectic womenswear. Elevate your holiday shopping experience with a curated selection of homegrown fashion brands.

Dona Lim

Dona Lim’s first-ever collection is all about comfy, stylish vibes without the fashion fuss. Her clothes are like a best friend—easygoing, cool, and made for the hustle. Dona’s style works as classic pieces that stick around, not just short-term trends. She’s waving goodbye to the rush of fast fashion and saying hello to sustainability.

Natural, eco-friendly fabrics are her go-to, making fashion feel good and look good, all without the extra frills.


Featuring a range of eyewear products, a.kin prioritizes high quality materials while pursuing a sleek and ultramodern feel. This innovative brand invites you to see the world through a fresh perspective with its colorful range of eyewear.

With meticulous craftsmanship and contemporary design, a.kin seamlessly blends style and functionality, redefining the way we experience eyewear.

DD Daily

Short for Deliver Deliver Daily, this fashion brand caters to a fashion-forward woman with a taste for minimalism and luxury. Their suit sets, high neck tops, and midi shorts all possess a modern yet comfy vibe that can be used for a variety of occasions.

Vina Romero

For the quietly confident, the Vina Romero brand is characterized by intricacy—from its unique pattern designs to its handmade patchwork processes. “It pays homage to the art of slowing down,” says Romero of a recent collection.

Looking at the delicate fabrics and pieces of Romero’s selections, it’s easy to appreciate how the brand has mastered its special concoction of style, texture, and function.

Apara Studio

A small batch brand, Apara Studio embraces the practical and the essential, showcasing versatile staples to be used for years to come.

Repetition, according to them, is encouraged. Going against the grain of the churn of fast fashion, Apara Studio’s collection features dresses, lounge pants, flow pants, and many more.


In Yoya, we encounter a brand that challenges norms and conventional ideals with a constant desire to surprise. Going beyond traditional notions of femininity, YOYA’s garments—ranging from Gilroy skirts to almond face masks—embody an offbeat eclecticism and transcend mere sex appeal.

Positioned between high culture and the everyday, YOYA’s aesthetic seamlessly blends the practical and the beautiful.

Le Ngok

Embark on a captivating voyage into the compelling tale of designer Carla Zhang with Le Ngok—an experience that takes you through the peaks and valleys of creativity. This brand boldly explores the uncharted realms of experimental fashion design, seamlessly weaving together diverse mediums and cutting-edge techniques.

At its core, Le Ngok revolves around the enchanting art of storytelling, inviting you to embark on an exploration into the profound depths of creativity.

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