A holiday gift guide for the art lover in your life

Delight your resident art lover’s heart with this curated collection of art tchotchkes and practical items to decorate their home this holiday season.

Know someone that just revels in the art scene? A dear friend that enjoys basking in museums and art galleries? Well, if you’ve yet to find a gift for them for Christmas, let this serve as your quick guide, so you can give them something they’ll truly cherish. From coffee table art books to stylish painted trays, take your pick from this diverse selection of art-inspired gifts. 

Fair warning: you just might buy an extra one for yourself.

1. Amorsolo jute bag

Ever dreamed of owning your own Fernando Amorsolo painting? This is as close as you an get. The jute bag with synthetic leather handles features Amorsolo’s UNTITLED (Landscape with Firetree), painted in 1936. A statement piece that will surely pique the interest of anyone with a penchant for his art.

Available at the Ayala Museum Shop.

2. Book a pottery class

Woman’s hands making ceramic cup on potter’s wheel

If you want to truly immerse yourself in a creative environment and make art that is uniquely yours, a local pottery class might just be the answer. Pottery studios, such as Laro Ceramics and Wabi Sabi, regularly host pottery workshops where you can learn about the pottery making process and actually make one yourself — Perfect as a shared experience or a date.

Book a class slot via their websites.

3. Dominador Castañeda book

A contemporary and close friend of Fernando Amorsolo, Dominador Castañeda is widely known for his landscape paintings in cool hues of white and blue—in contrast to Amorsolo’s illuminated and blissful style. This book serves as a collection of Castañeda’s legacy, from his landscape pieces as a painter to his pioneering work as an art historian. His publication of Art in the Philippines in 1964 is now widely considered the quintessential Philippine art history book.

Available at the Fundacion Sansó Museum Shop.

4. Pulp & Pigment’s 2024 desk calendar—The Flora & Fauna of the Philippines

Need something to brighten up your workspace for the new year? Add a touch of nature to your desk with this calendar by Pulp & Pigment. Named ‘The Flora & Fauna of the Philippines,’ this 2024 calendar features artwork by Raxenne Maniquiz that showcases 12 native and endemic fauna and flora in the Philippines. From the bright red Philippine hornbill to the pink Sanggumay orchid, each month puts the country’s natural beauty in vibrant display.

Available at Pulp & Pigment.

5. Uniqlo UT’s Ukiyo-e collection

Wear your heART on your sleeve with Uniqlo’s vibrant and ornate Ukiyo-e collection. An homage to the treasured Japanese art of woodblock painting, this UT line features artwork by Hokusai, Hiroshige, and Kuniyoshi. One of the most recognizable Ukiyo-e artwork, Katsushika Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa is featured prominently in the line’s Hokusai Blue Collection.

Available in Uniqlo stores and on their website.

6. A Century of Realism in Philippine Art book

Looking for a coffee table book that will truly impress? A Century of Realism in Philippine Art by Manuel D. Duldulao, originally published in 1982, is a rare find that chronicles the development of Philippine realism through varying intersecting contexts. The book showcases each artwork in full detail, not only in its printing but in its deeply analytical text.

Available on artbooks.ph and Philippine Books.

7. Jose Honorato Lozano art trays

Elevate your home essential pieces with these trays that feature the botanical art of Jose Honorato Lozano. These wooden trays with metal handles are adorned with watercolor prints of local produce from Lozano’s 1850 album that illustrated the people, costumes, and traditions of the Philippines in the 19th century.

Available at the Ayala Museum Shop.

8. Van Gogh’s Starry Night Lego set

For the hands-on DIY art lover, Lego offers a diverse and interesting selection of art sets inspired by many famous pieces throughout history. This set turns Vincent van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’ into a colorful brick building activity. The Lego set translates the painting into a 3D experience that’s just as vibrantly hued as the original. It even comes with a tiny Lego figure of Van Gogh!

Available at Lego stores and BanKee Bricks.

9. Anthony Palomo creative journal

Plan ahead, be inspired, and stay organized with Canvas’ creative journal featuring artwork from Anthony Palomo’s 2016 ‘Works in Progress’ exhibit. Each journal has over 150 dotted pages and comes with a box sleeve and full color postcard dividers.

Available at Looking For Juan.

10. Splendor: Juan Luna, Painter as Hero book

Published in conjunction with Ayala Museum’s exhibit of the same name in celebration of the country’s 125th anniversary of independence, this coffee table book chronicles Juan Luna’s life and works, as well as rare images of his early paintings and sketches. The book serves as a deep dive into his career and peers into the life of one of the country’s most prolific artists.

This book is best paired with a visit to the Ayala Museum to view Luna’s ‘Hymen, oh Hyménée!,’ the centerpiece of the exhibit, which will only be available for viewing until the end of this year.

Available at the Ayala Museum Shop.

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