Ayala Malls Manila Bay launches light show with metro’s largest 4K 3D LED display

Ayala Malls Manila Bay recently unveiled its Christmas campaign, “Garden Lights, Holiday Nights,” a spectacular lights show by the bay.

Ayala Malls Manila Bay recently kicked off the festive season by unveiling the metro’s largest 4K 3D LED Display—the centerpiece of a mesmerizing Christmas Light Show at the Central Garden Fountain. It brings Santa Claus to life with amazing clarity and detail.

Simultaneously, the Garden Light Show at the Central Garden Ring springs to life, showcasing stunning projection mapping technology that transforms the space into an immersive wonderland. The mall’s façade is lit up in a symphony of colors, perfectly synchronized with visuals and music.

Accompanied by the enchanting tunes of the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra, the event treated families and barkadas to an evening filled with festive melodies. After soaking in the visual and auditory delights, patrons took a leisurely stroll around Central Garden, transformed into an Enchanted Christmas Forest. The trails glimmered with the glow of Christmas trees and twinkling lights, and the grounds featured Santa Claus, Christmas elves, and magical stilt walkers—each contributing to the vibrant holiday spirit.

Ayala Malls Manila Bay illumines the season.
Ayala Malls Manila Bay illumines the season.

Extending their journey to the enchanting Winter Wonderland at the Central Garden Ring, guests discovered more festivities designed to dazzle all ages, providing an immersive experience that captures the magic of a snowy Christmas season. Little ones also jumped to their hearts’ content on the bouncy castle, hopping from one giant inflatable to the next.

Mallgoers even snapped photos with the Gingerbread Man, snowmen, and Santa’s reindeers, adding to their holiday mementos.

Fun for all

Ayala Mall Manila Bay: The Manila Philharmonic Orchestra
The Manila Philharmonic Orchestra
Ayala Malls Manila Bay’s 3D LED Christmas Show
Ayala Malls Manila Bay’s 3D LED Christmas Show at the Central Garden Fountain spotlights Santa Claus’ exciting journey as he shares the magic of the holiday.

Join the fun as soon as the mall opens, but stay a little while longer as Ayala Malls Manila Bay has more fabulous treats for families and friends. Every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday night, delight in the colorful and vibrant spectrum of the Lights show and see the evening sky light up with stunning fireworks every Sunday from December 2, 2023 until January 7, 2024.

“As the premier lifestyle mall in the area, we are thrilled to share the holiday spirit with the community. Beyond traditional gift-giving, Filipino families cherish bonding and spending quality time together. Taking this to heart, this year, we aim to provide more unique experiences that can only be savored here at Ayala Malls Manila Bay,” says Chrissy Roa, Group Marketing and Communications Head for Ayala Land Estates, Corporate, and Ayala Malls.

Ayala Malls Manila Bay presents an array of experiences, blending dining, shopping, and entertainment in a festive celebration. This season, the mall promises the gift of new and delightful experiences for all visitors. Embrace the holiday spirit at Ayala Malls Manila Bay, where enchantment and joy come together in a magical celebration.

Ayala Malls Manila Bay officers
The launch was led France Eusebio, General Manager, Ayala Malls Manila Bay; Butch Cabalu and William Guido, Globaltronics; Charmaine Bauzon, VP for Operations, Ayala Malls; Mel Alipo-on, Public Information Office and Department of Tourism Head of Parañaque.

For more information, visit ayalamalls.com or head to Ayala Malls Manila Bay’s social media pages for updates and announcements at /ayalamallsmanilabay, @ayalamalls.manilabay on Instagram, and @ayalamallsmanilabay on TikTok.

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