Ikea launches sleep campaign, LoveYourself advocacy

This month, the Swedish home furnishing brand started its “Wake up! It’s time to sleep” for sleepless Filipino customers, and its Pride Month advocacy.

Everyone can carry their Storstomma bags with pride as Ikea is donating 100% of sales proceeds from its reusable rainbow bags to LoveYourself for the whole month of June.

The donation will help refurbish the LoveYourself Uni Hub in Pasay City. The organization is a community of volunteers with the objective to increase HIV awareness, education, testing, and treatment for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Ikea first launched its rainbow bags in April 2022 as a statement of inclusivity and diversity, and in support of the LGBTQIA+ community.

“We are supporting the cause of LoveYourself as it opens a discussion on an important community topic—HIV. At Ikea, we believe that everyone should have access to better everyday life. Supporting an organization that helps provide access to HIV testing, care and treatment is a support to creating a better everyday life not only to those affected by it but also helps to eliminate the stigma.,” says Patrick Marcelo, Ikea Philippines Marketing and PR Manager.

Better sleep campaign

Filipinos need to up their quality of sleep .

Did you know that Filipinos are the most sleepless people in Asia and fourth in the world? So sleepless that some Ikea customers have fallen asleep at the Ikea Pasay City showroom. One of them is Shannen Latagan’s 3-year old daughter who fell in complete slumber on an Ikea bed during their visit at the Ikea store in December 2023. Her sleep was captured on Tiktok and garnered more than 4.5 million views and hundreds of comments who found the video adorable.

In its new campaign, “Wake up! It’s time to sleep,” Ikea features three different Ikea customers falling asleep in their showroom, including Shannen’s daughter. The campaign aims to call on Filipinos give more attention to getting better sleep. It also encourages Filipino customers to experience Ikea sleep solutions themselves before they purchase them at the Ikea Pasay City showroom. 

According to Ikea Life at Home Report 2023, 44% of Filipinos consider sleeping the main driver of nurturing at home. Understanding how vital sleep is to Filipinos, Ikea offers sleep solutions that are focused on different elements that contribute to better sleep—from comfort, light, temperature, sound, air quality, and organization.


Feelin​g comfortable is a basic need for achieving good sleep. In a comfortable bed, the right mattress and pillow are important for a good night’s sleep. At Ikea, you can find the perfect mattress for you, whether you like it soft like the Åfjäll foam mattress (starts at P3,990) or firm like the Valevåg Pocket spring mattress (starts at P7,990). There’s also a wide selection of ergonomic pillows at Ikea starting at P1,990.


In general, the darker the bedroom, the better for your sleep quality.​ Dimmable lights like the Tärnaby table lamp (P990) are a great way to get yourself ready for sleep. Even better are lights that you can dim and turn on and off from a distance using the Trådfri remote control kit (P1,290). ​As your eyelids begin to droop, simply press a button​ from the comfort of your bed and drift off into the​ land of nod.


Key to a good night’s sleep is a comfortable indoor temperature no matter the season or climate. Ikea offers a wide range of cooling pads and pillows. The best-selling Klubbsporre ergonomic pillow (P1,590) gives you both comfort through its memory foam and cooling effect with its gel layer on one side. For those looking to make their beds cooler, there’s Rexbegonia cooling pad at only P490. You can even place it on the fridge before use for extra cooling effect while sleeping.


The Ikea Life at Home Report 2023 also found that 31% of Filipinos listen to music, podcast, or wellness apps to get better sleep. The Symfonisk Sonos Wifi bookshelf speaker (P7,990) has a rich and vibrant sound that can fill the entire bedroom and allows you to create the right atmosphere for sleep.

Air Quality

Air quality isn’t the most obvious factor in getting a good night’s sleep, but unclean air or unbalanced humidity levels in your home can disturb your sleep and affect your health. For only P590, the Vindriktning air quality sensor can check the air quality based on particles with stylish and easy-to-use sensor – perfect to combine with Förnuftig air purifier (P4,290) to improve your bedroom’s air quality so you breathe cleaner air while you sleep.


12% of Filipinos have a chair or a similar piece of furniture in their bedroom that doubles up a wardrobe according to the Ikea Life at Home Report 2023. Ikea offers plenty to declutter your bedroom and make it a better place for sleeping. This includes the Malm chest of 4 drawers (P7,990) for your shirts, accessories, and undergarments.

Find the perfect and complete sleep solutions for you and the whole family at Ikea Pasay City or on its website.

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