Lacoste’s summer collection is here—and it’s popping with vibrant colors

Lacoste unveils a collection that embodies the French summer spirit: a playful yet sophisticated attitude.

From swimwear to beach towels, sunglasses to lightweight, colorful textiles, the summer 2024 collection epitomizes effortless summer style. Whether lounging poolside or hitting the beach with friends, the brand offers an array of chic and functional pieces.

Experience nature’s beauty with Lacoste’s Natural Dye Collection. Crafted from organic cotton and dyed with nature’s own pigments, each piece showcases unique, luminous colors reminiscent of sun-drenched days. Each apparel is one-of-a-kind, resembling a wearable work of art.

Lacoste’s Heritage Print Sunlit collection

Transition seamlessly into summer mode with essentials from the Heritage Print: Sunlit Collection. From lightweight clothing to stylish bags and shoes, this collection embodies effortless seasonal style. Choose from chic styles and vibrant shades, ranging from sweet pastels to fresh tones, with pops of color, print, and pattern.

Put your best foot forward with the L003 Neo—a modern, creative take on the classic sneaker. Featuring a breathable upper, high-grip sole, and signature finish details, these sneakers are a must-have for any fashion-forward individual.

Complete the seasonal ensemble with a range of bags and leather goods, from stylish totes to functional backpacks. Each piece from the new collection combines style and practicality, making it the perfect summer accessory.

Since the very first polo was created in 1933, Lacoste has relied on its sports heritage, unique and original lifestyle for women, men, and children. In every collection and line, Lacoste’s timeless elegance is captured through a combination of the creative and the classic. The crocodile’s aura has grown more powerful with every generation that has worn it, becoming a rallying sign beyond style.

In the Philippines, Lacoste is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc., and is also located in major malls in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao. Visit,  follow more information.

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