Manila’s niche gems: A must-have shop list for the modern lifestyle

Discover Manila’s diverse offerings with our shop list featuring niche products from five standout stores.

Univers and Commonwealth for fashion and kicks, Adora and Cul-De-Sac PH for timeless elegance and essentials, and Rustan’s for a touch of sophistication. Explore these boutiques and stores for a taste of Manila’s diverse offerings, where culture and commerce blend seamlessly, and each store brings its own distinctive flavor to the shopping experience.


Univers beckons fashion enthusiasts into a realm of distinct allure with two standout brands: Moreau and Dries van Noten. At the French store Moreau, the promise of personalized luxury takes center stage, as their hand-painted bags stand as one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

This season, the bespoke service becomes even more irresistible with a complimentary touch, allowing you to add an exclusive gem to your collection. Meanwhile, Dries van Noten pieces transcend mere garments, embodying pure magic and poetry. Each item feels like a chapter in an untold story, transforming fabrics into a captivating narrative that weaves into your personal style. Discover the artistry that defines Univers’ curated selection, where fashion becomes a canvas for self-expression.


Discover the perfect intersection of style and comfort at Commonwealth with the Stüssy x Nike Holiday 2023 Collection. New arrivals include the Lunar Roam Alabaster/Green Abyss featuring breezy textiles and supportive Magwire cables in the upper.

Meanwhile, the Pleasures Fall ’23 Collection features the Pleasures Washy Double Knee Work Pants. This versatile piece is crafted from custom jacquard woven checked bull denim for a modern, understated appeal.


Adora beckons with sophistication, featuring two exquisite products that define luxury in both style and ambiance. The Tess, an elegant day bag, seamlessly blends grained calfskin and shiny calfskin, offering practicality with multiple pockets and a surprisingly roomy interior within its compact design. Chloé’s iconic “O” signature on the striking front loop adds a touch of distinctive flair.

Complementing this is L:a Bruket’s Home Collection in the Hinoki scent—a favorite for its calming and invigorating aura. Perfect for the holiday season, this scent effortlessly elevates your home, making it a must-have for those seeking both refined fashion and soothing ambiance.

Cul-De-Sac PH

Cul-De-Sac PH invites you to indulge in fashion delights with two standout products. First on the stage is the arrival of Self Portrait in Manila, offering a glamorous and flirtatious touch to your wardrobe. Self Portrait is all about hugging every curve, adding flounce, and bringing out your inner femininity. Cul-De-Sac PH showcases a range of gorgeous styles with Self Portrait’s new collection, promising a chic and stylish experience for fashion enthusiasts.

Additionally, elevate your look with killer shades from Linda Farrow, a London eyewear brand since 1970. These sunglasses are not just an accessory; they’re a statement, encapsulating the essence of timeless style.


At Rustan’s, discover the epitome of timeless style with two standout products. First, the Benjamin Barker suits redefine effortless elegance, perfectly balancing relaxation and refinement. The Takahashi Sand Suit, paired with matching pants, offers versatility—styled casually with an Organic Relaxed Tee for a laid-back aesthetic or dressed up formally with a Takumi Khaki Patch Pocket for sophisticated results. This collection encapsulates the essence of modern tailoring, making a statement in both casual and formal settings.

Next, Bardot transforms the classic little black dress with a touch of drama, enveloped in shimmering sequins and a diamanté overlay. These selections from Bardot at Rustans bring a bold and glamorous edge to the timeless wardrobe staple. Embrace the art of dressing with confidence, where Benjamin Barker and Bardot effortlessly blend contemporary style with classic sophistication, creating a curated experience for the discerning shopper at Rustans.

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