The coolest stuff at Mitsukoshi Mall BGC 

All the products we are keeping our eyes on, from Seletti arm chairs to Vilhelm Parfumerie, you can shop right now at Mitsubishi BGC.


Seletti Lipsticks armchair

The Lipstick Arm Chair give the 1950s design a Pop Art update.

Seletti Lipsticks armchair Mitsukoshi Mall BGC


Orcival Knit Cotton Lourd Basque Shirt at Signet

A staple that won’t end up on the return list.

Orcival Knit Cotton Lourd Basque Shirt at Signet Mitsukoshi Mall BGC 
Photo: Signet


Baccarat Mille Nuits Flutissimo

Champagne glasses should at least be of the amusing variety if you must stuff a set into a stocking for Christmas.

Baccarat Mille Nuits Flutissimo Mitsukoshi Mall BGC 


Seiko Bottlecaps

A good redux of all the mods taking over the watch scene.

Seiko Bottlecaps Mitsukoshi Mall BGC 


MN+LA Forest Camo Cuban Shirt

Who can resist a camo?

MN+LA Forest Camo Cuban Shirt Mitsukoshi Mall BGC 


Vilhelm Parfumerie ‘Poets of Berlin’ 

David Bowie spent a few formative, restorative, and productive years in the 1970s in Berlin, which inspired the same magnetic energy in this bottle. 

Vilhelm Parfumerie ‘Poets of Berlin’ Mitsukoshi Mall BGC 


Lexus LS

You’ll experience unparalleled auto luxury while operating this sophisticated vehicle.

Lexus LS at the Mitsukoshi Mall BGC 
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