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With this new K-store in Manila, you won’t have to wait forever for your K-merch to arrive

K Life Ph in BGC carries a wide array of products from snacks to plushies to satisfy your K-fan heart without having to travel or go pasabuy.

“‘K’ is a premium label. It’s that guarantee of quality that our grandparents fought for,” K-pop superstar RM once said in an interview. How astute the BTS leader was because the “K” prefix for years has increasingly propelled South Korea into one of the world’s soft powers—from dramas to music, beauty to food.

Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite boasts Oscar wins, multiple Grammy nominations for K-pop juggernaut BTS, Korean food and staples climbing on some of the world’s best cuisines lists, as well as a steady spike in students of Hangeul, and a rise in K-beauty consumers.

We are, indeed, living in a K-world.

K-pop mega group BTS. Photo from Big Hit

Filipinos embraced the first Hallyu wave more than two decades ago and have since immersed themselves in the K-lifestyle. Whether it’s binge-watching their favorite film and dramas which are now readily accessible on most streaming apps, or having a get-together with some chingu over samgi, banchan, and soju, while trying on their favorite face masks. Attending local K-pop concerts and fan meets of Korean stars, dancing their fave dance challenges on TikTok, or just tweeting or sharing stories on their socials—Pinoys have fallen under the spell of anything ‘K.’

The newest K-lifestyle store for every ‘K’ fan

With this, K Life Ph, the newest K-lifestyle store in the country, will fully engage the most passionate stans of K-pop and new fans alike. It carries a wide array of merchandise from various groups like yummy snacks, adorable plushies, trendy clothing, the latest albums, artist-made merchandise, and a whole lot more.

Attention Armys! Adorable Tiny Tan collectibles are available at K Life Ph.

It won’t matter if one is a multi-stan, a hardcore collector of photo cards or albums, or a casual listener, K Life Ph is a haven for all K-pop enthusiasts, assuring every customer a premier K-lifestyle experience.

Located at BGC’s Ore Central Building, this “K” wonderland will entice guests with a great shopping experience, coupled with huge LED screens playing the newest K-pop tunes and music videos all day.

This hub also features quirky interiors, as well as interactive booths, including two photo booths that come with different design spaces and a variety of props and costumes such as the traditional Hanbok. There’s also a dance studio where one can dance to their heart’s content or learn K-pop choreography. You can even sing a duet with your bias or just sing along to a new favorite song.

K Life Ph offers various merchandise, eliminating local buyers’ concerns about hefty shipping and customs fees when buying directly online from South Korea. It also removes the long waiting time for product arrival when buyers opt for pasabuy or pasabox. The store allows K-pop stans to avoid dealing with online scammers too.

Fans of Aespa (called MY) will be happy to know that the store carries the group’s Artist Chocolate.

K Life Ph guarantees all products are authentic and best of all, albums sold will count for Hanteo charts.

Founder Jacob Oh, promises that K Life is a safe and fun space, where one can ultimately express and satisfy their passion for anything “K.”

The new lifestyle.