Feathers, fringes, and snakes

What went down in the first two episodes of ‘Drag Race PH’ season 2

Glamour, drama, and deadly creatures. That’s what fans of the much-awaited second season of reality series Drag Race Philippines witnessed in its first two episodes, screaming with delight on social media at every scene.

Always a trending topic among Filipino drag fans, the second season of Drag Race Philippines, hosted by Paolo Ballesteros, started with a bang in two episodes, leaving an impression of what to expect in the next several weeks.

Pak girls prevail

The first episode, which premiered last August 2, introduced the first six competing queens of the season, leaving the impression among fans that a split premiere would happen between the 12 overall queens.

Arizona Brandy, Matilduh, Tiny Deluxe, Nicole Pardaux, Captivating Katkat, and M1ss Jade So had viewers’ jaws dropping with their sickening entrance looks as they introduced themselves to the world in the newly renovated Werk Room.

We are treated to some iconic ensembles—Arizona entering with a dextrose filled with brandy, Tiny’s Dora The Explorer-inspired look, and M1ss Jade’s outfit that highlighted her beautiful body.

The queens then participated in the season’s first-ever mini challenge—a photoshoot with celebrity photographer BJ Pascual. They began their alluring poses until a tarantula was brought out and they had to continue while it crawled on their faces. Matilduh wins the challenge, receiving a cash prize of P20,000.

Up next is the season’s first-ever maxi challenge, a girl group challenge where they are tasked to sing and dance to their own original verses of the song BOOGSH!

Season 2 shows Pinoy drag excellence and celebrates an art form that uplifts the LGBTQ+ community and their authentic selves.

After recording their own verses and practicing choreography, the queens, who named themselves Pak Girls, performed in front of the judges with amazing dance moves and a few surprising outfit reveals.

Next up is the runway where they got to show off their feather-inspired ensembles in the category “Feather You Like It or Not.”

Arizona was declared winner after her impressive performance in the girl group challenge and her beautiful orange feather look, bagging P80,000. On the other hand, Tiny and Nicole were the bottom two, lip-syncing for their lives to Here We Go by 4th Impact.

After the performance, Tiny was declared safe while Nicole became the first queen of the season to be eliminated.

Vivacious Vlyungangühveoux

The second episode, which aired on August 9, saw the second set of queens—DeeDee Marie Holliday, Astrid Mercury, Hana Beshie, Veruschka Levels, Bernie, and ØV CÜNT—walk into the Werk Room with equally striking entrance looks.

Hana enters with a boombox, Bernie in her silver and gold get-up, and ØV in a black metallic ensemble—all eye-catching in their own right.

Then, the queens recorded sickening verses for the same maxi challenge. While practicing choreography, Bernie leads the group but tensions rise up when Veruschka says she wants to do simpler moves.

The queens, known as Vlyungangühveoux, then perform BOOGSH! onstage, in front of the judges and walk the runway in their “Fringe With Benefits” looks.

Tensions arise when they are asked “Who should go home and why?” Most of the queens choose Veruschka because of how she struggles with choreography. ØV criticizes her on an unplanned reveal during her performance and how her outfit was not couture but a pull-out.

Bernie is declared the winner of the week’s challenge with her large, glittery fringe look. Hana Beshie and Astrid Mercury are declared the bottom two, with Astrid going home after losing the lip-sync for Unleash The Diva by 4th Impact.

The episode ends with the two groups meeting and Arizona calling the second group “group 2 for a reason” and Bernie and DeeDee’s throw shady remarks at Captivating Katkat.

What to expect

With episode 2 leaving many viewers hungry for more, we expect a lot of glamorous looks and entertaining drama to be served by the queens of Drag Race Philippines season 2.

Bernie and Arizona Brandy are seen to be the early favorites of the show while ØV CÜNT, DeeDee Marie Holliday, Captivating Katkat and Veruschka Levels are spicing up the show with shade and drama.

Despite season 2 having things to improve upon—specifically on audio and editing—the first two episodes prove why Filipino drag is a cut above the rest. It truly shows Pinoy drag excellence and celebrates an art form that uplifts the LGBTQ+ community and their authentic selves.

The first season of Drag Race Philippines placed the long-overdue spotlight on the hardworking Filipino drag queens, their talents and colorful personalities. The second season not only continues that, but raises the standard of what Filipino drag is all about.

Drag Race Philippines is currently streaming on HBO Go and WOW Presents Plus.

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