Take a trip to 1970s feminism and LA in ‘Minx’ season 2

The critically acclaimed comedy about the launch of a feminist porn magazine is back on Lionsgate Play starting October 6.

Brace yourself for a smart, satirical, and laughter-filled ride to 1970s Los Angeles in the comedy series Minx. Created by Ellen Rapoport and produced by Lionsgate Television, the show follows the journey of an earnest young feminist, Joyce (Ophelia Lovibond), as she joins forces with a low-rent porn publisher Doug (Jake Johnson) to create the first-ever erotic magazine for women.

In Season 2, after Doug and Joyce sell Bottom Dollar to a retired shipping magnate with unlimited money and power, Minx becomes a commercial success, bringing more money, more fame and more temptations. Under new leadership, Doug struggles to find his footing and maintain his control within Bottom Dollar. Meanwhile, Joyce begins to lose sight of her core beliefs as she gets caught up in her rise to stardom.

 As our Bottom Dollar misfits go mainstream, they start to question who they’re becoming and what they really want from this newfound success.

Minx is a smart, satirical, and laughter-filled ride to 1970s Los Angeles.

Talking about how this new season delves into the complexities of success, creator Ellen Rapoport said prior to the Writers Strike and SAG-AFTRA, “I felt that we had explored the underdogs against the world scenario, and I was now interested in seeing how these characters would respond to some kind of success and how that would change who they were and their relationships to each other.”

On how “old Joyce” would react to “new Joyce,” actress Ophelia Lovibond said,”I think old Joyce would maybe be a little intimidated, possibly by new Joyce’s confidence. But I think she’d be really pleased by it. I think she’d be glad that she was more able to kind of occupy more than one type of life… But I do think she would also tell her to be careful. Because again, you see Joyce really being seduced by suddenly having friends and everyone wanting to be in her magazine and people clamoring to speak to her and they compliment her all the time and you do see Joyce start to lose sight of the matriarchy or why she started because it’s exciting and it’s bewitching.”

Mark your calendars for October 6 when the newest season of Minx will be streaming exclusively in the Philippines on Lionsgate Play!

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