What’s next for Drag Race Philippines?

Here’s what’s been happening to Drag Race Philippines Season 2 finalists—and the exciting things coming for Philippine drag.

World of Wonder recently announced that they’ve opened casting calls for Season 3 of Drag Race Philippines, much to the delight of Filipino fans and international fans that are now discovering how crazy and talented our local queens are.

In light of the growing popularity of the franchise and the rise of more queens and queers in the country, I’m excited to see who will make it to the third season. For one, it was hinted in a viewing party I attended that contestants from another local drag TV show, Manila Luzon’s Drag Den, might be eligible to compete moving forward.

Also, throughout the second season, queens like Arizona Brandy and Hana Beshie reiterated how they’d love to represent and bring in more girls from their respective communities—Arizona repping for Cubao drag and #RaptureRoyalties, and Hana waving the flag of Cagayan de Oro City.

And speaking of season two queens, they have been booked and blessed ever since Captivating Katkat was crowned the Philippines’ Next Drag Superstar. Our winner recently met Mayor Joy Belmonte, which Katkat impersonated for Snatch Game (and won!), and secured her own Right to Care Card, which “authorize[s] queer couples to choose the kind of treatment, procedures, tests, and prescriptions that their partners shall receive,” as per the Commission on Human Rights.

Meanwhile, fulfilling her dream of having her eyes treated, Bernie got a VIP medical treatment, thanks to the folks at the Legazpi Eye Care Center and Daily Skin Clinic (both of which are based in Bicol and owned by the Milante family).

The BBC (Beshie, Brandy, and CÜNT) triumvirate is also winning in the bookings department. Alongside gigs with other Ru girls for the coming Halloween parties and events, the trio will headline their own event in Cebu.

But perhaps one of the most gag-worthy announcements that validates the Philippines as the next hotspot of drag excellence is the arrival of legendary queen mother Sasha Colby, the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 15, and the fierce Krystal Versace, the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 3, for a Halloween party this Saturday in Makati. If that’s not the queer stars aligning to bless the Philippines with charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent, I don’t know what to call it!

Allow me to quell your worries at this point: of course, I did not forget about M1ss Jade So (who could ever forget her?). Our esoteric power top na bratzy recently celebrated her 24th birthday in this gorgeous pink number she created with Mara Chua.

And like the transcendent, unpredictable being that she is, M1ss Jade So also recently did… this.

It’s bound to be an exciting future for Philippine drag, and I cannot wait to see how our local girls will elevate queer excellence further.

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