6 stunning cafes in Bangkok—or why you should get out of the city center for coffee

Bangkok’s coffee culture is sophisticated, design-centered and worth traveling farther for.

Filipinos who love visiting Bangkok for its vibrant art and food scene will agree that its coffee culture is unmatched. Although one can easily stay within Bangkok’s city center and be spoiled for choice for specialty coffee and creative cafes, this list will inspire you to explore farther and discover new gems.

Rolling Roasters

288 Prannok-Phutthamonthon Road, Bang Phrom, Taling Chan, Bangkok 10170. Photos by Jar Concengco

Built on a massive 3,200-sqm. building of weathered steel and marked by a rotating shiny globe out front, Rolling Roasters aims to be the future of coffee. The smell of freshly roasted coffee fills the air as soon as you enter as they roast beans on site.

With an extensive coffee drink menu including espresso, drip, and syphon methods, coffee aficionados won’t be disappointed. They even have a special drink of the month—at the time of writing, this drink was Jelly Sweet Corn made with a dark blend, coconut jelly and corn milk. A spiral staircase leads to the mezzanine area with more seating overlooking the busy baristas.

Take A Breath

239,239/1 239/2 ถนน บางเชือกหนัง Bang Chueak Nang, Taling Chan, Bangkok 10170

Designed by ASWA, this cafe with a complex of modern barns is recognizable from afar because of its 8-meter-tall bell tower. Each barn is designated its own function—one is the cafe proper, the other is the kitchen, another is the restaurant.

There is also a huge garden (apparently big enough to hold concerts) with beautiful glasshouses for those who want to enjoy their coffee amid nature. If you prefer a refreshing take on coffee tonics, Take A Breath has several such as the Sleepless Orange that has a concoction of orange, yuzu, lemon tonic and espresso.

Little Tree Garden Cafe

43 หมู่ที่ 5, Ban Mai, Sam Phran District, Nakhon Pathom 73110, Thailand

Slightly outside of Bangkok is Little Tree Garden Cafe which will have you in the middle of a beautifully landscaped jungle designed by landscaper Sirivit Riubamrung. The cafe is part of a complex that incorporates a bakery, a shop of teacups and a bamboo grove.

Try their watermelon with dried fish—a simple treat with a sweet, salty, umami burst. They serve a great Thai Iced Tea as well for those craving for the Thai staple. Guests can actually spend quite a while exploring the place and the walking the long decks through the bamboo grove. There’s also an air conditioned area if it gets too warm outside.

Whispering Cafe

43 บ้านใหม่ 3, Sam Phran District, Nakhon Pathom 73110, Thailand

About a 5 minute drive from Little Tree Garden Cafe is Whispering Cafe also by Sirivit Riubamrung. If you follow Sirivit on Instagram, you’ll know he has a penchant for Mediterranan-style gardens and Whispering Cafe is a great representation of that.

Approaching the structure covered in vines will make you feel like you were transported to the Italian countryside. The interiors are more minimalist and rustic with wooden furniture while the baked goods are spread out on a table under glass cloches. This cafe is only open on the weekends however so plan your trip wisely.

45 8, Song Khanong, Sam Phran District, Nakhon Pathom 73210, Thailand

Famous for the small pond where you can ride a small boat on after ordering, After the Rain Coffee & Gallery takes advantage of the idyllic scenery to turn it into an unforgettable experience. Its menu has mostly Thai dishes (pad thai and mango sticky rice) and refreshing cold drinks.

You can choose to sit in a common area on bean bags or in a semi-private alcove overlooking the pond. Fruit trees such as pomelo, banana and coconut line the pond (although picking of the fruit is not allowed). There’s a small gift shop and art gallery for those who want to bring home a unique souvenir.

Café Craft by Chanintr

924 Thong Lo, Klongton Nua, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

If you really can’t find the time to stray far from the city center of Bangkok, one cafe that you shouldn’t miss especially if you love design is Café Craft by Chanintr. Tucked inside the Chanintr Craft building where you can peruse a well-curated list of designer furniture, the cafe upholds the brand’s ethos of “living well” in its very design.

Cozy Japandi interiors with warm wood and soft leather banquettes set the mood for a calm and inspiring visit. The beautiful bay windows face the garden as the opposite wall have shelves stocked with designer goodies you’d love to bring home. What to order? Their iced latte is fantastic and their Nam Tok Moo Yang (a spicy honey-glazed pork salad with sticky rice) will be the best dish you’ll order this trip.

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