Discovery’s Signature Collection opens luxe nature resort in Sipalay

Manami Resort is a dreamy destination in the middle of lush foliage, where the rhythm of life slows down.

Discovery Hospitality Corporation recently launched its first resort under its Signature Collection. Called Manami Resort, the name means “beautiful” in Hiligaynon—beautiful nature experiences where humans live and immerse themselves, beautiful connections created with family and friends, a beautiful feast of flavors and the beautiful Negrense culture.

Manami Resort in Sipalay, Negros Occidental
Manami Resort in Sipalay, Negros Occidental.

Manami is also part of Kiwi Collection, the curator of the world’s most exceptional hotels. Perched in the best-kept-secret nature oasis of Negros Occidental, Manami Resort is the first and only luxury nature resort in Sipalay.

Manami’s local philosophy is an ode to a charming culture, the nature reserve and peace—all coming together to make a “manami nga pangabuhi,” which means “beautiful way of life.”

The resort

Manami Resort is a dreamy destination in the middle of lush foliage where the rhythm of life slows down and the heart beats with the nature’s beats, where life breathes a new spark as you explore the heart of this sanctuary. 

Woven in the untouched 5-hectare estate, this architecture marvel gives honor to the local culture and was built on the scene where hillside and coastline meet, overlooking the vast waters of the Sulu Sea.

The two-bedroom villa at Manami
The two-bedroom villa, one of 16 villas and suites nestled on the hillside of Manami.

From Manila, guests can take domestic flights via Philippine Airlines (PAL) to Dumaguete City or Bacolod City. Upon landing, guests will be warmly welcomed by airport representatives. The ride to the resort is about 2.5 to 3 hours.

Nestled on the hillside are 16 stunning villas and suites, all lavish spaces for ultimate privacy. Each of these accommodations features impressive views, whether of the sea or the landscapes and day beds for extra comfort.

Living and dining rooms Manami
Living and dining rooms in the two-bedroom villa.

The two-bedroom villa rests on a secluded part of the resort. It features indoor-outdoor living at its finest with a living and dining room and a private infinity pool.

Romantic views and intimate ambiance are what set the three private and detached deluxe villas from the rest. Cocoon in the king-sized bed embraced by the seamless flow of the draped canopies, and wake up to a stunning masterpiece of nature. It’s a blissful haven that lingers.

Deluxe villa Discovery Manami
Deluxe villa.

With convenient access to an exclusive pool and a private function space, the four poolside suites are positioned at the focal point of the estate and close to all the facilities. These four suites are tucked away from one another yet also create a common ground for guests in a large group. Located at the second highest part of the estate sit eight ocean view suites that boast a bird’s eye view of the ocean.


The homage to the Negrense culture comes with a showcase of the rich regional gastronomy. It’s the delicate way of cooking that makes the local cuisine distinct. The fare is fused with world-class selections that transport you to Western food capitals.

Lingaw restaurant at Discovery Manami
Lingaw restaurant.
Fresh seafood at Hunas Sunset Deck at Discovery Manami
Fresh seafood at Hunas Sunset Deck.

Lingaw Restaurant, which means “entertain” in Hiligaynon, combines local Negrense cuisine with aromatic Spanish flavors featuring fresh catch-to-table and tableside paella, to name a few.

Adjacent to the main pool is Hunas Sunset Deck and Bar—Hunas, which means “low tide” in Hiligaynon, has a selection of traditional beverages and concoctions where local flavor infusions will take the center stage along with Spanish pintxos and tapas. This iconic space is the main spot where connections and engagements are formed, and the signature welcome sunset cocktails are held.

Nature experiences

As the overflowing life of nature surrounds, adventures on land and on sea await. Manami Resort features immersive nature experiences such as sailing on the Sipalay Sea and a trip to the renowned Tinagong Dagat. Spend half a day taking a dip and sipping refreshments aboard. Get up close to the marine life with a snorkeling stopover at Campomanes Bay for the marine life.

Snorkeling in the waters surrounding Manami

Snorkeling in the waters surrounding Manami.

A distinct feature in Manami Resort is the in-property cave, which is an adventure on its own. Right in the middle of this cavern is a stunning secret spot that engages you in a different perspective of life.

Linong Spa

Linong Spa blends the natural healing of the untouched Earth and the genuine care of the human touch. It is a wellness experience in native cocoons atop the hill with singles and couple’s wellness huts.

Wander through the best view of the resort, feel the rhythms and the vibrations of the nature sounds, relax the mind with the aroma of our signature oils, refresh with local tea, and discover rejuvenation like no other.

Connections with care

Manami Resort’s living ethos is poised on three distinct pillars that make living the Negrense way of life captivating—modern comforts, genuine touchpoints, and warm people. Aside from the story-driven approach of hospitality, sincere and honest touchpoints are what set the resort from the rest.

Manami means “beautiful” in Hiligaynon
Manami means “beautiful” in Hiligaynon.

 The staff of Manami is prepared to be the guide for a purposeful visit with respect to space. The invisible hand is practiced at all times, extending help when anticipated in a discreet service and distanced personal space. This stems from the distinct Discovery service that is renowned for its care and “service that’s all heart.”

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