Glamping getaways: Where to find the best campsites for a sanity break

These head-turning campsites in the south will let you catch up on wellness weekends.

If you’re bent on taking a break from the city hustle and countless other responsibilities, get yourself ready for some weekend of unplugging. Wander in the solemnity of this Earth and spare a moment to relax, recuperate, and make the most out of life. 

Maybe go to the beach, gather a friend or two, pitch a tent in the forest, or do all of the above and dance with the unknown. Untapped destinations are worth the detour, too, especially if you have a thirst for action and adventure. 

Camping, for one, can be your friendly bet. From sea to summit, there’s a couple of things to watch out for when camping. The wild is a breathtaking backdrop, after all, so finding something you will love is at arm’s length away. 

Glamping at Kahawai Magallanes Cavite
Kahawai Campground in Magallanes, Cavite

Take time to soak up the beauty of the scenery—the sweeping mountain ranges, hills, rivers, and more. Tick off everything that the great outdoors has to offer. For a getaway to remember, why not nest yourself in remote places? 

Skip the posh hotel for now and head to the nearest campsite where you can live off the bounty of the lush greenery, the generous stretch of land, and the spellbinding blanket of stars. Drive down South for fresh sights and scenes at your fingertips! 

Scroll down for what’s in store in Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon.

1. BLOC Camp Site in Cavinti, Laguna

Glamping @bloc campsite
Photos from @bloc.campsite on Instagram

Dubbed the glamping pioneer in the quaint province of Laguna, BLOC Camp Site in Cavinti is definitely a go-to if you’re on the lookout for refreshing landscapes and trailer stays that do not disappoint. Chill by its cube buildings, paddle in the lake, and snap a lovely photo amid its Instagrammable atmosphere.

BLOC Camping site for Glamping

If you love the idea of leaving home but hate camping in the bare wild, cozy up to BLOC’s brilliant work of art. An industrial accommodation located in the middle of a man-made lake, the campsite is suitable for campers who want to skip the whole camping drama. 

Glamping site in Cavite

Check in at these trendy, modular houses and make your sweetest lakeside-style experience a reality. The emerald green lake will greet you upon visit, unveiling the beauty of a rare backdrop. After all, architecture meets adventure is BLOC Camp Site’s mantra.

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2. Camp AWOL in Real, Quezon

Glamping at camp AWOL
Photos from Camp AWOL on Facebook

A camping site for the adventure seeker, Camp AWOL is a countryside escapade loaded with exhilarating activities. From ATV rides, rappelling, and wall climbing, it welcomes you with some amusement, sport, and action. Found at the foot of the mountains in Real, Quezon, it’s a mix of the extreme and easygoing. 

Camp AWOL glamping

Camp AWOL, or Adventure Without Limits, gives you that gushing dose of dopamine and gets you fired up for a fun getaway. You can also choose to have your quiet time or quell your thirst for thrill, and stroll around to spot hiking trails, hanging bridges, bodies of water, web-style viewing suspensions, and many more!

Glamping among the woods

Depending on your comfort demands, you can rent a cozy villa or feel the vibe outdoors in a tent of your own, too. It’s not and never just for the adrenaline junkie; be it the R&R buff, the laid-back lover, or the chronic camper, every personality’s a fit in this forest-perched escape. 

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3. Domescape in Nasugbu, Batangas

Glamping garden
Photos from @domescape on Instagram

Known as the first of its kind in the country, Domescape is a chic staycation situated in Nasugbu, Batangas. The glamping site is a great self-care sanctuary, cut out for those who have been meaning to take a break. 

Glamping nest

Designed for guests with deluxe preferences, Domescape provides geodesic glamping domes, a good deal of natural pools, and native flora and fauna. Hammocks are also hanging everywhere, and come evening, beautiful bonfires are set ablaze to amp up your spirits. 

A restful retreat awaits at Domescape, and its avant-garde, straight-out-of-a-sci-fi-film glam tents elevate the traveler’s excursion. Book now and be in awe of its aesthetic and mindful design and make. 

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4. Kahawai Campground in Magallanes, Cavite

Photos from kahawai.campground on Instagram

Kahawai Campground is a sustainable camping spot tucked in the humble town of Magallanes, Cavite. Beset with bamboo trees, this captivating close-to-nature stay is a new gem worth driving down to for a getaway in the wild.

With spacious decks, showers, a bonfire area, a bathtub, and dining amenities, Kahawai is the destination of your dreams. 

Glamping glass house

Dressed with plenty of shade and soothing sounds, Kahawai Campground is a place featuring an escape to the forest. Satisfy nature’s calling and have a splash in the nearby creek, stroll on soil, and savor the rustic surround!

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5. Yugto Campville in Tanay, Rizal

Glamping view
Photos from @yugtocampville on Instagram

Bridging the gap between people and the environment is Yugto Campville’s philosophy. The campsite is a downright charmer and is abloom with flowers all around, thriving amidst nature’s cradle. 

Nestled in Tanay, Rizal, Yugto lets you experience the majesty of the mountains and the landscape surrounding it. 

Glamping site Tanay

The accommodation sure delivers, as it is also equipped with amenities like toilet, bath, tents, and many more! If you’re looking for a campground where you can cook and dine comfortably, too, then Yugto Campville is definitely the perfect place for you. 

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