Rediscover Intramuros, Philippine history and heritage

Travel app Klook Philippines has partnered with the Intramuros Administration for the Intramuros Pass.

The walled city of Intramuros holds a certain appeal for history buffs with its strong, silent ramparts holding hidden gems that transport tourists back in time. Once the seat of power during the 300-year Spanish rule in the Philippines, the walls themselves have stood witness to many important historical events, including the country’s struggle for independence.

As such, Intramuros has always been a must-visit for Manila’s foreign and local tourists, with the Intramuros Administration recording 5,097,028 post-pandemic visitors from 2021 to 2023, with a monthly average of 141,584. Most of these tours are done via DIY, with many visitors trooping to the popular attractions such as the San Agustin Church and the Manila Cathedral and then on to Fort Santiago, where National Hero Jose Rizal spent his final moments of incarceration before being shot at Bagumbayan.

Must-see spots

What a lot of visitors may not be aware of is that there are museums that hold important vestiges of history and other hidden gems that are ideal for inclusion in one’s itinerary.  According to Atty. Joan Padilla of the Intramuros Administration, the hidden gems include the Postigo Recoletos archeological site, Maestranza archeological site, the Aurora Gardens, Father Blanco’s Garden, the Marble Hall of the Ayuntamiento, and No. 1 Victoria, a structure which served as the headquarters of General Douglas MacArthur as commander of the USAFFE (United States Armed Forces in the Far East) during World War II.

Padilla also revealed some of the best spots for those IG-worthy tourist photos. These are ­Fort Santiago, the Casa Manila Patio, the Puerta Real Gardens, Baluarte de San Diego, Plaza Roma and the San Agustin Church plaza.

Do a DIY tour of Intramuros with the Klook Intramuros Pass.

With all these places of interest found inside the walled city, it might seem a daunting task to check their location, availability, and possible entrance fees on your own. This is why travel app Klook Philippines has partnered with the Intramuros Administration to launch the Klook Intramuros Pass.

With the Klook Intramuros Pass, which is now available on the app, visitors can book a tour that takes them to Fort Santiago, Baluarte de San Diego, Casa Manila Museum, Museo de Intramuros, and Heirloom Filipiniana. Add-ons are immersive experiences such as Barong Rental, BamBike Tour, and the White Knight Electric Chariot Tour.  

Tech to tour

This is part of the “PILIPinas but Make It Klook” campaign that is aligned with the Department of Tourism’s goal to highlight the Philippines as a destination with a diverse culture that can offer immersive and purposeful experiences.

Casa Manila Museum
Casa Manila Museum

“Efforts like this are essential in strengthening our tourism industry. We are happy that the private sector is empowering the Filipinos to rediscover the beauty of our country and highlighting the various aspects of what the Philippines can offer.” shared Atty. Mae Elaine T. Bathan, Undersecretary for Legal and Special Concerns and Chief of Staff of the Philippine Department of Tourism.

Roda V. Mendoza, Business Management Division Chief; Atty. Joan Padilla, Administrator of Intramuros; Michelle Ho, general manager of Klook Philippines and Thailand; Ulla Sy-Roqueza, associate director of marketing, Klook Philippines; and Sherry Fallarme, associate director, business development present the signed MOA for the Klook and Intramuros Administration partnership.

Padilla lauded the partnership with Klook. “Private partnerships help us reach more people by collaborating with platforms like Klook, which has a large user base. This allows us to attract a wider audience, both locally and internationally, and promote the beauty and heritage of Intramuros. These partnerships also bring expertise and innovation to improve the visitor experience. Companies like Klook have experience in the travel industry and can create interactive and engaging tours. Working closely with private companies gives us insights into visitor preferences and trends. This helps us improve our tours and create a more compelling experience for Filipinos and foreigners interested in our history and culture.”

Fort Santiago
Fort Santiago.

Michelle Ho, general manager of Klook Philippines and Thailand, says that while Filipinos are used to DIY when traveling, there is now more interest in booking their activities ahead because of the convenience that it offers.

“As a result of the pandemic, there have been challenges in the local tourism sector on availability and understaffing. People are now planning ahead to make sure that they get to visit their target attractions. The advantage of booking with us is we are connected to the system, so inventory is in real-time. There is never going to be that problem that they come and it is closed or they cannot be serviced. By bringing the Intramuros Pass online via the Klook platform, we aim to make it easier and even more convenient for everyone to explore more of Manila and the rich history behind these iconic walls around Intramuros.”

To know more about the Klook Intramuros Pass and to discover proudly Filipino attractions and accommodations, visit the PILIPinas But Make it Klook page. To book a tour, download the Klook app via the App Store and Google Play Store. For more information and further updates, follow Klook on their Facebook page and Instagram.

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