teamLab Borderless launches new digital art exhibit in Tokyo

The new digital art museum at Azabudai Hills in central Tokyo promises to stimulate all your senses—as teamLab Borderless’ interactive exhibits always do.

Klook, Asia’s leading platform for experiences and travel services has announced that tickets for teamLab Borderless: Mori Building Digital Art Museum are now on sale. As the exclusive tourist ticketing platform for teamLab Borderless, Filipino travelers heading to Tokyo, Japan can finally get their hands on tickets through Klook.

The museum, which reopened on Feb. 9, features brand-new installations, never before seen at any other teamLab museums globally. Travelers can expect to be enthralled by interactive exhibitions like the “Bubble Universe” and “Megalith Crystal Formation,” a tribute to the artistic brilliance of this world-renowned art collective.

Universe of Water Particles, Transcending Boundaries. Photos by teamLab Borderless
Tunnel into the Mirror Universe

Filipino travelers looking for immersive and unique museum experiences in Japan can also book tickets to teamLab Planets TOKYO DMM (Toyosu), teamLab Botanical Garden Osaka, teamLab Forest Fukuoka, and the new teamLab Future Park Okinawa through Klook.

This collection of boundary-pushing artworks will evolve at the new teamLab Borderless, which is relocating from its previous location in Odaiba, Tokyo to Azabudai Hills in central Tokyo. It will move into more spaces, connect more intricately, change constantly, and create one borderless world. Mori Building has positioned culture as an important element in urban development and has created unique cultural facilities in each city.

Black Waves— Born in the Darkness, Return to the Darkness

As the importance of wellness grows, culture and art are becoming increasingly crucial elements that enrich people’s minds. In Azabudai Hills, where “Green & Wellness” is the pillar of its concept, teamLab Borderless will relocate and open in the hopes that the works of teamLab, which “aims to explore the relationship between the self and the world, and new forms of perception through art,” will stimulate visitors’ senses and provoke curiosity.

With the Azabudai Hills Gallery, a diverse cultural outlet, and the public are installed throughout the city, Mori Building aims to create a museum-like city where art and culture come together.

Tickets to teamLab Borderless can be purchased here.

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