Gucci High Watchmaking’s latest collection: A wondrous exploration of time 

Gucci High Watchmaking is embarking on an exciting new mission, transporting us into an otherworldly dimension with its latest collection.

Embracing a spirit of adventure and discovery, Gucci has crafted exceptional timepieces that are unique to the brand’s universe. Tourbillons, moonphase movements, and a new perpetual calendar are among the novelties that highlight both Gucci’s priceless past and its cutting-edge expertise. 

In the five signature collections, the highest level of watchmaking skills are combined with the House’s trademark codes, cutting-edge art, and extraordinary stones.

Gucci watch G-Timeless Planetarium
G-Timeless Planetarium
Gucci G-Timeless Dancing Bees
G-Timeless Dancing Bees

Enter the G-Timeless Planetarium, a collection that embodies the golden age of space travel. The tourbillon at its heart is surrounded by twelve precious stones, each spinning on its own axis and orbiting around the dial in a hypnotic display of movement. 

The Dancing Bees collection is another mesmerizing tribute to the natural world, with twelve golden bees that shimmer and flutter in response to the slightest movement. And in the G-Timeless Moonlight, Gucci’s sophisticated moonphase calibre GGV838.MP is customized with a client’s unique birth information, transforming the timepiece into a personal expression.

Gucci G-Timeless Moonlight
G-Timeless Moonlight
Gucci watch Grip

Rounding out the collection are two standout designs: the Grip and the iconic GUCCI 25H collection. The former features a jumping hour mechanism that’s powered by energy stored for 59 minutes, before making a “jump” to the next hour. Its retro style is playfully juxtaposed with vintage-like hard stones and 18K pink gold, while the latter showcases ultra-thin elegance and Gucci’s minimalist approach to timekeeping.

Gucci High Watchmaking has boldly gone where no one has gone before, bringing exceptional timepieces that transcend space and time. It’s a journey of discovery and wonder that we won’t soon forget.

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