FilipinaZ: Living Art celebrates Filipina pioneers in the arts

The art + fashion + fine jewelry shopping event, which will be held at The Fifth at Rockwell, celebrates the various expressions and manifestations of Living Art.

October marks the 10th year of Zonta Makati and Environs’ (ZCME) annual fundraiser, FilipinaZ. The shopping event at The Fifth at Rockwell will celebrate the various expressions and manifestations of “Living Art,” as seen through artistic endeavors, fashion, and fine jewelry, among others.

“FilipinaZ has always been inclined towards the arts. Many of our members are avid art collectors and patrons. We also have several artists from different fields who are part of the organization,” says Maritess Pineda, former President of ZCME, FilipinaZ Chairperson and Chair for ZCME’s Ways and Means Committee begins.

Melissa Romualdez, who works closely with Maritess in ZCME’s Ways and Means Committee, adds: “This year, especially, we are putting the focus on art. It permeates everything, everywhere. It is manifested through various aspects of life including fashion, design, food, and jewelry.”

Wearable art and creative expressions

Bag by Beatriz
Jacket by Ethnique, dress by Carioca, shoes by Aishe

FilipinaZ’s edit of fashion, home and jewelry brands highlights the artistry behind products that enhance everyday living. It is an immersive experience that invites one to discover and explore the various expressions of creativity: on garments, through precious gems, and other decorative items. 

Because we are a global organization, we also open doors for  vendors and labels from other regions,” shares Maritess. With its borderless approach to showcasing wearable art, the selection of brands and products remain guided by the same standards for excellence held by ZCME’s members.

Living art

For its milestone year, FilipinaZ will mount a larger space at The Fifth at Rockwell, centered on the idea of “Living Art.” Its centerpiece will showcase an Art Pavillion curated by Ayni Nuyda. 

Ayni lends to the event her extensive experience from managing the artworks of her late father Justin Nuyda. It is coupled by her years as the project director of her own art foundation, Search Mindscape, an organization dedicated to bridging the gap in sustaining and supporting various art fields.

“We will be unveiling one of my father’s last works in tandem with a short film produced by the foundation and directed by Fifth Wall’s founding director Madge Reyes. The exhibit will feature an interpretation of his work, entitled Athena’s Whisper, through movement captured on film,” shares Ayni. Fifth Wall is the Philippines’ international platform for dance on camera.

A celebration of women in the arts

FilipinaZ Luminaries was very recently envisioned by members of ZCME for FilipinaZ as a tribute and recognition ceremony. It honors women who have channeled creativity to impact positive change across countless fields.

“As women, we can become gamechangers and embodiments of excellence, especially in the arts, education, design, and fashion. Since this is our 10th year, we brought to life the FilipinaZ Luminaries to celebrate women who are examples of Living Art or art in action,” shares Maritess.

For the first time in the fundraiser’s history, five pioneering women–their lives, journeys, and body of work–will be given distinction at the Art Pavilion of FilipinaZ: Anita Magsaysay-Ho for visual arts, Josie Natori for fashion, Milagros Salgado-Dayrit for jewelry, Sara Soliven de Guzman for education, and Vicky Vizcarra for craft. Portraits of the awardees will be digitized by street muralist, Venazir Martinez.

 Dress and Bag by Souk & Style, Shoes by Aishe
Jor-El Espina and Brown Bag by Calli, Black Bag by Costa del Sol

LIVING ART, the 10th edition of FilipinaZ: A Fundraiser will happen from October 21 to 22, 2023 at the Fifth at Rockwell. For more information, visit or follow FilipinaZ on Instagram at @iamfilipinaz.

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