Anton Medalla unlocks the art of balancing

Meet Anton Medalla, a man who effortlessly juggles his career, family, and hobbies with an upbeat outlook.

Anton’s passion for design is evident in his businesses: an artisan eyewear brand, a contemporary golf apparel label, and an innovative construction company. Drawing inspiration from people, culture, nature, sports, experiences, and spaces, he’s always on the lookout for ways to create something new and unique.

Anton is a true master of multitasking, expertly balancing his career, family, and leisure pursuits while radiating positivity reflected in his fashion choices. His style seamlessly blends timeless sophistication with contemporary flair—a true testament to his impeccable taste. 

Rustan’s Man 2.0 is proud to showcase Anton’s exceptional style, as he embodies the values that define a dynamic lifestyle and deftly navigates the ever-evolving business landscape.

Anton Medalla for Rustan's Man
Anton Medalla wearing Tailor Vintage Airotec Sailor Stripe Stretch Polo

Since becoming a father and raising his newborn daughter, Anton has prioritized early mornings with loved ones over late nights out. Working from home has given him the flexibility to cultivate a healthy work-life balance and design a fulfilling lifestyle that caters to his family’s needs. Check out our conversation below.

What do you love about being an entrepreneur? How do you express your creativity through your businesses?

What I love about being an entrepreneur is the autonomy and freedom to pursue businesses akin to the things I am into. It also gives me the opportunity to purvey ideas and express creativity through branding, products, and service.

How does design shape your perspective on business and life? Where do you draw inspiration for all your design pursuits?

I have always been passionate about design, the intricate details, the way things come together, and the feeling it gives people. In a way, it has made me more observant and detail-oriented, which has become part of who I am and what I do. Design is everywhere, and always comes out where we choose to look. 

I personally draw inspiration from people (friends, family, artists, etc.) different cultures, nature, sports, experiences, and spaces to name a few.

Anton Medalla for Rustan's
Anton Medalla wearing Tailor Vintage Airotec Performance Stretch Jersey SS Shirt, Hiroshi Kato The Scissors Slim Tapered Jean in Indigo Raw, and Satorisan Koto Premium Sneakers in Oxide

What does a typical workday look like for you? What’s the best part of your everyday routine?

A typical work day is waking up (normally caring for my daughter), freshening up, making a cup of coffee, meditating, and then I start with work. For our retail business, apart from research, planning, and conceptualizing, the everyday work normally consists of checking our website, sorting orders, booking deliveries, and packing and dispatching product orders. We check our brand’s socials to monitor our reach and impact. We also create new content for marketing and brand awareness. 

On the days I schedule my workout, I normally leave for the gym around 12 pm and get back to the grind by 2 pm. The best parts of my day are the moments in between—the first sip of coffee, the walk to my car after a good workout, and the mini breaks where I get to spend time with my daughter.

How has starting a family changed your lifestyle? As a new dad, how do you balance your work and family dynamics?

Since we had our daughter, we traded most of our nightlife for earlier mornings, meals/playdates with family, friends, their kids, and other activities centered around our daughter. As my wife and I work from home, we are able to fix our schedules in a way that complements each other and our responsibilities as parents. This is one of the best perks of being able to work from home: we get to spend more time with our daughter.

Anton Medalla wearing Andres Patchwork Polo Rustan's Man
Anton Medalla wearing Andres Patchwork Polo in White by Viña Romero, Tailor Vintage Puretec Stretch Linen Cotton Shorts, and Hair Mari Fields Camino Sandals in Wheat

What’s your favorite after-work activity? How do you unwind after a busy work week?

My favorite after-work activity is spending time with my daughter, conversing with my wife, or putting on a show or a movie to unwind.

What does being “On the Move” mean for you?

“On the Move” for me is motion in a state of flow. It’s doing what I need to do every day for the different roles I play and the responsibilities that come with it. It is doing purposeful action for progression.

What does your everyday wardrobe look like? And what was your favorite look from the Rustan’s Man On the Move” shoot?

My everyday wardrobe is composed of pieces that are functional and comfortable—mostly with a minimal aesthetic. My favorite look from the shoot would have to be the Tailor Vintage Airotec shirt, paired with the khaki shorts, American Trench socks, and Satorisan trainers. Each piece is pure quality and the outfit as a whole i incredibly comfortable, stylish, and versatile.

Anton Medalla is wearing Tailor Vintage Airotec Performance Stretch Pique Shirt, Tailor Vintage Puretec Stretch Linen Cotton Shorts, Satorisan Chacrona Premium Sneakers in Rocky Grey, and American Trench Retro Classic in the header photo.

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