Pitti’s Street Style echoes the times 

Pitti may be a powerful place for stylistic evolution but it was not difficult to miss the more relaxed atmosphere of it all.

Pitti centered back on the monumental Fortezza da Basso in Florence with nearly 1,700 buyers and professionals heading into the show. It blurred the pandemic lines of today and instead embraced the coming of tomorrow.

This is, of course, the Olympics of street stye, where some of the best menswear would be on display, both in the booths and worn by actual people. For years, spectators didn’t just look at what was inside the trade halls, they also spied across the streets, where the real fashion moments happened. 

But Pitti today has an intriguing atmosphere. Pitti peacocks displayed their style in a mixture of enthusiasm and relief, but more relaxed than usual.

Tailored threads, despite the lack of it, is still a poetic statement. Structured shoulders are humanized with sorbet and ocre hues that play on the fringes of modes. In contrast with slouchy overshirts are the scene-stealing loafers that punch up the mundane re-up. And given the appeal of comfort these days, even on-duty looks are more restrained.

One unforeseen trend on the streets is the parade of cottage core. It involves well-worn paisley, archival fabrication, and strangely, cullotes and cobbler vests. All of which fit our freshly vaccinated world, and these are the looks that we’re keeping an eye on so far.

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