Starbucks’ summer beverage and merch give escape to the beach vibe

Summertime is here, and people are taking the opportunity to fly away from their daily stresses to relax, unwind, and recharge in breathtaking destinations.

Starbucks’ summer offerings tap into this desire to escape by whisking customers away to a blissful paradise with its summer-inspired food, drinks, and even merchandise—without having to go too far away from home.

A satisfying beverage lineup

Inspired by idyllic summer getaways, customers can escape to a dreamy tropical island with the Paradise Island Guava Cream Frappuccino, a tranquil mountain vista with the Malty Delight Chocolate series, or an enchanting floral garden with the Peach Jasmine Cold Brew.

Starbucks’ Malty Delight Chocolate series perfectly blends the bold flavors of dark chocolate and malt.

Beverages in the Malty Delight Chocolate series perfectly orchestrates the bold flavors of both dark chocolate and malt, while giving way to the playful sandy texture of ground nuts. Sprinkled with nutty malt powder on top of whipped cream and adorned with a chocolate leaf, it’s an irresistible indulgence this summer.

The Peach Jasmine Cold Brew is a refreshing blend of peach jasmine sauce with fruit chunks and lemonade infused with our signature cold brew.

The Peach Jasmine Cold Brew, meanwhile, is a refreshing blend of peach jasmine sauce with fruit chunks and lemonade infused with slow-steeped cold brew for a smooth and satisfying flavor.

A medley of summery treats

This summer, Starbucks features a mouthwatering selection of savory and sweet delights to complement your beverage of choice.

Crowd favorite Oh My Quesadilla is making a comeback. This flour tortilla filled with gooey cheese is the perfect accompaniment to Starbucks’ Mango Dragonfruit with Lemonade. The Ham, Spinach, and Cheese Piadina, a true Romagna specialty, is best paired with an order of Dragon Drink with Mango Dragonfruit.

Starbucks’ summertime treats are just as exciting.

The Grilled K-Cheese Sandwich, which is packed with kimchi and mozzarella, also deserves a try. Pair it up with Dark Mocha Frappuccino to temper the kimchi’s heat. If you ordered a Cold Brew, know that it goes well with Starbucks’ delicious and filling Tomato, Mozzarella, and Pesto Bake.

Over at the sweet side, pair your hot drink with a slice of Plant-based Chocolate Fudge Cake (vegan friendly) or Chocolate Almond Crunch Creme Cake. Starbucks’ pastries are best paired with any drink, so you’ll never go wrong with an order or two of Almond Croissant, Doughssant, and Banana Hazelnut Pain Suisse.

Summertime merchandise

Over the years, Starbucks has become known not only for its coffee, pastries, and savory delights, but also for its themed merchandise which make for excellent collectibles and gift items.

This summer, the Seaside Getaway merch is faithful to its name—this collection invites you to immerse yourself in the allure of an island scenery captured through striking illustrations. The color palette, meticulously curated with refreshing hues of pristine blue, warm tan, and pure white, effortlessly embodies the serene ambience of the seaside.

Seaside Getaway merchandise

Disney merchandise is also available. It is a summer of joy, laughter, and nostalgia with this collaboration that is sure to make your inner child happy. Weaved together is the Starbucks experience with Disney’s magical storytelling and beloved characters in bespoke artwork in vibrant colors. ​

The Disney x Starbucks collab is now available until supplies last.

The Earth Day Circular Cup is the perfect blend of affordability and sustainability. Starbucks has always believed that going green shouldn’t break the bank, and with the thoughtfully crafted tumbler, you can embrace eco-friendly living without compromising your budget.

Starbucks’ Earth Day Circular Cup is the perfect blend of affordability and sustainability.

Made from a unique blend of Starbucks coffee grounds and post-consumer recycled polypropylene plastic, it’s a reflection of how Starbucks continues to find creative ways to reuse our coffee grounds and reduce the environmental impact of waste.

The new lifestyle.