Bark Air, a new airline for dogs (and their humans), is now flying

A “100% totally real airline for dogs” offers pawsome first-class flights for your beloved pooch.

Who doesn’t love to travel? I bet all of us do. But if you’re a furmom to especially clingy pet dogs, leaving them behind for a trip can be a bit heart-wrenching, especially when saying goodbye to them with their misty puppy dog eyes. (Ugh, those guilt trippers, if only they weren’t too charming!)

Sadly, it looks like traveling pooch-free will still be the trend for me, but if you can afford to shell out a few thousand dollars to travel in comfort and style with your fur buddy, then we have some pawsome news—you can now book a flight on Bark Air, a “100% totally real airline for dogs.”

For your VIP—very important pooch

With Bark Air, humans no longer have the monopoly when it comes to jet-setting in style. The first jet charter company for dogs in the world promises to treat every furry guest as a VIP—Very Important Pooch.

It made its inaugural fully booked flight on May 23 and whisked the stylish doggies from New York City to Los Angeles. 

Launched by dog toy company Bark in partnership with a jet charter service, CEO Matt Meeker, in a video provided by Reuters, described Bark Air as a luxury airline for man’s best friend that transports dogs of all sizes along with their owners “in comfort and in style.”

During Bark Air’s maiden journey, the company posted an update on Instagram: “Right now, at an altitude of 30,000 feet, there is a flight filled with dogs. Unlike any flight before it, these dogs are not merely an afterthought, nor are they treated as cargo or a burden to the crew and fellow travelers. Here, dogs are the foremost priority.” 

At a woof-ing cost

During Bark Air’s fully booked maiden flight with well-behaved dogs and their humans from NYC to LA

This may sound all cute and adorable—but the price tag isn’t something to fawn over. Pet owners can expect to pay *drumroll please* a woof-ing USD$8,000 for a one-way international flight and USD$6,000 one way for a domestic flight that covers both the furparent and their dog-baby. Despite the premium fares, flights for June are filling up fast, USA Today reports. The Bark Air website says its goal over time is to bring the ticket cost down “significantly” as the company scales.

Initial routes serve the New York City metro area via Westchester County Airport (HPN), with flights to the Los Angeles area via Van Nuys (VNY) and London, England via Biggin Hill (BQH), according to the website.

Each flight can accommodate 15 dogs, with its own accompanying hooman. Bark Air, however, doesn’t sell more than 10 tickets per flight, as space while flying is needed for the pawssengers to be able to roam around, the company says.

There are additional tickets available, however, if more than one human is needed to accompany a dog. Kids meanwhile are not allowed to fly on Bark Air, and each passenger must be at least 18 years old.

Fur-st class travel

The company says it treats the dogs with “white glove experience typical of a human’s first-class experience and redirected all that pampering to pooches.”

Specifically, Bark Air goes the extra altitude to manage their pawsenggers’ anxiety and stress, “so they have the most comfortable, fear-free experience on an airplane.”

Food and water are provided for the pooches, and there’s even an in-flight spa treatment—because what is a luxury airline without extra pampering, right?

Bark Air’s menu features a curated selection of treats that will surely make your doggie beg for more. They can start their in-flight meal with an aperitif, a “Doggie Champagne” with hints of tennis ball and freshly mown grass. They can also choose between still, sparkling, or toilet (hah!) water.

And because we’re talking about posh dining here, they have canapés on board to open up your furbaby’s palate. They can choose from among meaty (pork and apple or beef), birdy (turkey, duck, or chicken), fruity (yogurt berry or mixed berries), or nutty (honey peanut) flavors. 

The main course is called Tail Wag Twists, which is a “tantalizing fusion” of cheddar and sprinkles, and served on a silver tray for that dose of ooomph.  

Bark Air says its goal over time is to bring the ticket cost down as the company scales.

To make sure their dining experience ends on a sweet note, there’s “Doggie Donut Delights.” Surely, a bone appetit gastronomic experience for your beloved pooch!

Bark Air also has a concierge tasked to learn about a dog’s temperament and sensitivities before the flight for the best placement on the plane. Dogs will not be caged or on leashes but will be free to sit on seats with their humans, a bed or wherever they’re comfortable, the company says—they’re the bosses after all.

There are designated areas before flights for dogs to go potty and emergency pads will be available onboard.

Bark Air shares that the effort took 10 years, “but we are finally confident that we can provide all dogs with the air travel experience they deserve: one that puts them first.”

The new lifestyle.