Cartier’s new boutique features recognizable Filipino motifs you’ll love 

French luxury brand Cartier recently inaugurated a new store by relocating and reimagining its boutique at the prestigious Greenbelt Mall, evoking an essence of timeless elegance in the heart of Makati City.

The new Cartier boutique takes up residence in a brand-new location in Greenbelt 3, bringing a rejuvenated concept compared to its previous presence in Greenbelt 4. Setting a new standard, this boutique becomes the first in the Philippines to showcase Cartier’s interior design direction, thoughtfully curated to provide an enchanting experience for its valued clientele.

Cartier Philippines store

The transformation of the Cartier Greenbelt 3 boutique was entrusted to the hands of Moinard Betaille, a seasoned agency with a longstanding partnership spanning over two decades with the maison. Drawing inspiration from an in-depth understanding of Cartier’s unique identity and a profound reverence for its legacy and values, the architects embarked on an ambitious journey of reinvention.

Cartier store

Upon arrival at the boutique, visitors are welcomed by a captivating façade adorned in shimmering gold, extending an alluring invitation to explore the world of Cartier within. Stepping inside, patrons are immersed in the Cartier concept, skillfully interwoven with local Filipino influences across a spacious expanse measuring 321 square meters.

The interior unfolds with a striking feature wall —a dynamic collage featuring the iconic panther, emblematic of the Maison, set amidst a tapestry of flora paying homage to the Philippines’ national flower, the sampaguita, a species of jasmine. This artistic fusion mirrors the vibrant patterns and vivid colors found in traditional “banig” textiles, celebrating the rich tapestry of local culture. 

Cartier Feature Wall Sampaguita
Cartier Feature Wall with the Panther, surrounded by Sampaguita

Filipino craftsmanship finds its place in the boutique’s flooring, with a stone design reminiscent of intricate basket weaving. Echoes of the maritime world also grace the space, as seashell motifs gracefully emerge on columns and ceilings, honoring the nation’s identity as an archipelago.

Cartier store Greenbelt
Warm elegance subtly evoked by colour codes of mother-of-pearl with straw marquetry

As visitors veer towards the left, an ambiance of refined elegance unfolds, accentuated by the graceful interplay of mother-of-pearl hues and straw marquetry. This sophisticated palette is further enhanced by earth-toned fabrics, evoking the lively hues of the Philippines’ tropical flora and fauna. Adding to the allure is a bespoke De Gournay focus wall, meticulously hand-painted for the new boutique, capturing the essence of the lush tropical landscape. To the right is an accent wall that features the limestone cliffs of Palawan in plaster. 

Cartier art Artist Del Boca
French plaster artist Del Boca completed the backdrop in bas-relief technique with gold inserts taking inspiration from the Philippine islands

The enchanting journey through nature’s wonders continues into the VIP Lounge, an exclusive enclave tailored for discerning clients. One side of the space boasts a wall adorned with leafy branches, exuding a gentle undulating rhythm, accentuated by a patina transitioning from delicate pink to pristine white. On the opposite side, the lush beauty of nature comes alive through another De Gournay masterpiece, portraying bountiful vegetation that pays tribute to the Philippines’ fertile agricultural heritage.

Cartier store interiors

For those seeking a touch of romance, the Bridal Area promises an immersive experience, thoughtfully adorned with bas-relief elements enriched by gold embellishments, masterfully crafted by French plaster artist Del Boca. This exquisite backdrop narrates the local landscape and once again spotlights the nation’s diverse flora. This theme of indigenous artistry resonates throughout the Bridal Lounge, where a woven basket screen infuses softness and unity into the space, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

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