Dolce & Gabbana’s Casa is a snapshot of life in an elaborate dream house

Fashion icon Heart Evangelista inspired the Caretto Siciliano installation, which takes its cue from the colorful, ornate style of Sicilian carts in Italy. 

On a rainy afternoon in May, a clandestine foliage bursting with life overcame the storm. Tucked in the middle of a communal space was a spellbinding replica of the grand gardens of Italy: lemon trees rich in canary yellows, evergreen vines enveloping pillars, and an array of larger than life flower installations welcomed everyone who entered.

The hands of the famed floral and event stylist Gideon Hermosa in this regard cannot be overlooked. After all, it was by Hermosa’s flair that the place came alive.

A cornucopia of prints and colors in D&G’s new Casa collection

The Italian luxury homeware brand Opulence Design Concept, known for bringing a broad and exquisite variety of European furniture and home accessories—Fornasetti, Versace Home, and MisuraEmme among others—brought this vision together with a simple message borne in the title of the occasion: Life is beautiful. 

Dolce & Gabbana Casa L’Infiorata, or Life is Beautiful Festival, was held last May 14 at Greenbelt 5 in Makati City. The event was marked by bright colors, a harmonious quartet, a floral bouquet bar and cheers in between afternoon drinks. The lifestyle emporium not only opened the doors of its first pop-up store in Makati, but also debuted the Casa collection, housing yet another luxury label in its line.

Casa Caretto kitchenware

Over the course of the event, guests flocked and marveled at each flower stall, following Dolce & Gabbana’s signature motifs: Caretto Siciliano, Blu Mediterraneo, Leopardo and Zebra. Interestingly, each motif was dedicated to the muses chosen by the Italian fashion house.

Donned in a bright red-orange dress, fashion icon and media personality Heart Evangelista inspired the Caretto Siciliano installation, which takes its cue from the colorful, ornate style of Sicilian carts in Italy. 

Evangelista said, “I’ve always loved Dolce & Gabbana. And it’s important to surround yourself with this festive feeling. Life may be full of problems—Madame Tessa [Prieto] may agree—but that’s exactly what she’s doing: she’s surrounding herself with all these beautiful colors, and this is Dolce for me.”

Casa Blu Mediterraneo

Across the garden, guests also paid a visit to Opulence Design’s pop-up store, which featured textiles and home accessories that pay homage to Italian craftsmanship, tradition and innovation.

The motifs in the garden were prominently displayed in the store, with the D&G Casa Caretto kitchenware ranging from thoughtfully embellished bright kettles to teacups and trays; Casa Blu Mediterraneo essentials featured chromatic yet cool blue and white print robes, and complementary blue cushions characterized by meticulous flourishes.

In living color, D&G style

In its celebration of life, Opulence Design Concept’s collaborative effort with Dolce & Gabbana, its dynamic fusion of European styles and Filipino sensibilities, and its active alliance with fashion, beauty and design personalities proved that, beyond just structures, it takes a village to build a home.

Dolce & Gabbana Casa Collection is available at the Opulence Design Concept pop-up store in Greenbelt 5, Makati City, until July 15, 2024.

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