Gucci’s latest buzz: Tales of a comeback, a collection, and a new boutique

The exciting comeback of a famous model, the story behind Fall-Winter 2023 women’s collection, and the opening of the luxurious Greenbelt 4 boutique.

A reunion with Daria Werbowy

In a blend of anticipation and nostalgia, Instagram bore witness to the reappearance of Daria Werbowy as she returned as the esteemed face of Sabato De Sarno’s inaugural Gucci campaign. Her comeback evokes echoes of Gucci’s golden era—a joyful reunion with a brand that propelled her into the limelight. 

Gucci 2023

The outpouring on social media, including a post by De Sarno himself, stands as a testament to Werbowy’s enduring connection with the house, harking back to her enigmatic portrayal in Tom Ford’s iconic 2004 campaign. 

Gucci’s Fall-Winter 2023 women’s collection connects history and contemporary

Gucci Fall Winter collection

A dialogue between the past and present is seen throughout the collection, spanning eras from the 1990s to the contemporary moment. The silhouettes evoke memories of the early 2000s, reviving Gucci’s sensual and glamorous design language. 

Gucci’s Fall-Winter 2023
Gucci’s Fall-Winter 2023 bag
Gucci’s Fall-Winter 2023 vibrant color

However, the vibrant color palette of the 2010s paints a modern picture of electrifying opulence. Oversized knits, voluminous coats, and captivating eveningwear come together in an artistic symphony that harmonizes tradition and bold vision into a euphoric crescendo.

Gucci’s Greenbelt 4 boutique unveiled

Gucci store

Last July marked a new chapter for Gucci in the Philippines with the inauguration of the Greenbelt 4 boutique in Makati City. The restored marble façade, adorned with kaleidoscopic geometrical motifs, serves as a gateway to an immersive experience where historical echoes and modern aesthetics intertwine. The interior spaces, featuring inviting corners appointed with plush velvet armchairs and stylish monochrome rugs, emanate an air of sophistication and irresistible charm.

Together, these elements demonstrate the brand’s enduring importance, showcasing Gucci’s impact on fashion’s essence and its role as an epochal expression of luxury itself.

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