Welcome to Bethany Talbot’s world

In Bethany’s world, balance is key and growth is the name of the game. From her love for Dua Lipa to her travel dreams and beauty essentials, the multifaceted star reveals all in our exclusive Q&A.

Whether she’s working overtime for a photoshoot or lazing around in front of a Drag Race rerun, Bethany Talbot knows a thing or two about cultivating a sense of balance between the personal and professional. Ever on the lookout for ways to develop herself, Talbot is ready to take centerstage.

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How did she get to become the person she is now? And what has been inspiring her lately? “I’m definitely in my Dua Lipa era,” she says when I ask her who her favorite artist is at the moment. “I’ve been seeing a lot of her recent performances and I just really appreciate how she’s evolved as an artist and performer.” That same work ethic and dedication is readily applicable for Talbot herself.

In our exclusive Q&A, Bethany talks routine and relaxation, growth and lifestyle, and what beauty item she can’t live without.

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle while juggling your various roles and commitments?

There are really times when everything can get too much, so I find it really important to just listen to my mind and body. You’ll know when you’re overworking yourself and where you’re lacking in terms of taking care of your health, whether it’s with sleep, food, exercise, or mentally and emotionally. I make sure that I don’t ignore whatever I’m feeling and most especially do something about it when there is something wrong.

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Do you have any specific habits or routines that you prioritize to ensure your wellbeing?

I’ve been physically active my whole life so exercise is really second nature to me. With food I’ve recently been more conscious, not necessarily with the specific types of food that I eat, but just making sure that I am eating the right amounts of what my body needs. For the past few years I’ve also been using a daily planner, which really helps with organizing my days, weeks, and months ahead. This helped so much with minimizing my anxiety and the feeling of being overwhelmed when there’s a lot of things planned out and tasks to do, especially when I have various roles and commitments that I have to attend to. 

With your busy schedule, how do you carve out time for self-care and relaxation? Can you share your favorite activities or practices that help you recharge and stay grounded amid your hectic lifestyle?

Going home at the end of the day is my favorite feeling. Right as I get home, I place my things in my room and tambay in our living room to play with my cat and dog, and also to catch up with my family and talk about random things.

Another favorite part of my day is getting to call with my partner and talk about each other’s day. On days when I don’t have class or work, I love planning out activities to do with my family and friends. I find that spending time with my loved ones has really been essential for my self-care and relaxation. Don’t get me wrong, there are also times when I love my alone time, which could be watching Netflix or YouTube, playing mobile games, taking a midday nap, and I also weirdly enjoy cleaning my room.

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Travel often accompanies modeling and influencing careers. How has exploring different cultures and destinations influenced your perspective on life and shaped your identity?

As a stereotypical Sagittarius, I’m in love with traveling! I would say because of my diverse background and being exposed to different cultures and destinations growing up, it has really impacted my personal growth. It really helped with teaching me how to be okay with stepping out of my comfort zone when needed, and has also shaped how much I embrace and appreciate diversity and the different types of people I work with.

What are some of the most memorable travel experiences you’ve had, and how have they impacted your personal growth?

Some of my most memorable travel experiences to date have been my football travels. Because of football, I’ve been able to play in different regions across our country, different places in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, and even had the privilege of being able to represent our country internationally in Vietnam and Singapore.

I was also recently able to watch our own Philippine women’s football team compete for the very first time in the FIFA World Cup held in New Zealand. Football is a big part of my identity and being able to experience travels like this and create memories with my teammates who have become some of my best friends really meant everything to me. I would say these experiences also gave me huge motivation to keep pushing forward with the sport I loved the most since I was a kid and I am forever grateful for these memories.

What’s on your travel bucket list for destinations—locally and internationally?

So, so many! Locally, I have yet to visit Palawan and Siargao! I might have a trip to Siargao this May, and I’m really hoping it pushes through. Internationally, I honestly wish I could get to visit every single continent and even every single country. But if I had to list down the top countries on my list, it would be Japan, Switzerland, Spain, and Iceland.

What beauty items are in your essentials kit? What is a beauty item you can’t live without?

I have two pouches that I bring with me everywhere, a makeup pouch and an essentials pouch. Some of my favorite and go-to makeup products right now are the skin balm from Issy, this lip and cheek balm in a pot from Chanel, an eyelash curler,  and this really pretty pink glow lip balm from Guerlain. My essentials kit of course has all my essentials like tissue, hand alcohol, medicine, napkins, perfume, and my favorite inhaler from Twin Releaf. A beauty item I can’t live without is a lip and cheek balm or stain! It really helps me look put together in just a few seconds.


Do you have a cult brand that you would like to shoutout?

I’ve been loving my workout and comfy lifestyle clothes from Recess! I also recently found this brand called GVN that has the cutest bags and shoes.

What’s your go-to fragrance?

Jo Malone never fails! My go-to favorite scents from them would be either Nashi Blossom or English Pear & Sweet Pea.

Have you ever dabbled in the arts (e.g. played an instrument, wrote poems, etc.), whether as a child or currently?

I used to dance ballet and play the piano when I was younger and really enjoyed them. I practiced for those quite seriously for some years and even joined recitals and competitions, but I eventually stopped when I got older because I wanted to focus entirely on football.

Who is your favorite musical artist at the moment?

I’m in my Dua Lipa era! I’ve been loving her songs when I want a little hype in my day, especially when I’m working out. I’ve also been seeing a lot of her recent performances and I just really appreciate how she’s evolved as an artist and performer.

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