Givenchy’s the Gentleman Society is a state of mind

Givenchy created the legendary fragrance in 1975. But times have changed and so have the gentlemen.

Today, Givenchy imagines them gathered together in a contemporary and disruptive Gentleman Society. A community mirroring a multi-faceted masculinity, resolutely forward-thinking. What do his members have in common? Values of respect, open-mindedness, caring towards others, elegance. A way of constantly reinventing the rules while remaining true to who they are and to their commitments.

Regardless of their origin, their story, they share social skills and an off-the-beaten-track attitude which inspired a unifying fragrance, unlike any other. Givenchy opens the Gentleman Society doors to anyone who identifies with this mindset.

Couture boldness

Benjamin Clementine (center) leads Givenchy’s new campaign.

Sculptural, edgy, sophisticated. The Gentleman Society bottle is at once powerful and refined, just like the Givenchy Fashion collections combining streetwear influences and Couture sophistication. Its architectural lines are highlighted by an inside lacquering conveying mystery.

The name of the fragrance is replaced by an embossed metal plate bearing the iconic Givenchy 4G logo which adorns all of the House’s creations. Conceived as a rallying symbol, this bottle is more than ever an emblem of the Gentleman Society. In line with the brand’s eco-responsibility commitments, it is composed of 15% recycled glass. Its box, made with FSCTM (Forest Stewardship Council) cardboard, features a chrome design stamped with the 4G logo and enhanced by a black frame: a nod to the design of L’Interdit, the House’s emblematic feminine perfume.

Highly unique masculine

It all starts from a spark of freshness: juniper berries from Croatia combine with cardamom from Guatemala.

Gentleman Society is a floral woody aromatic fragrance with an intriguing, distinctive trail. Like all the House’s perfumes, it has an exclusive signature, that of a flower-wood duality. It unveils a captivating scent at the heart of which a wild narcissus flower is crossed by a deep woody accord.

Composed by perfumers Maïa Lernout and Karine Dubreuil, this unusual fragrance contains the best quality materials, selected both for their unique olfactory properties and their traceability.

It all starts from a spark of freshness: juniper berries from Croatia combine with cardamom from Guatemala to form an invigorating aromatic duo which triggers a fusing effect from the very first inhalation. A hint of clary sage, grown in Europe, adds its herbaceous, aromatic facets to this striking accord, which soon gives way to the heart of the composition.

A narcissus absolute cultivated in France and transformed in Grasse blends its green, animal accents with the powdery, musky facets of iris concrete from Morocco. This results in a deep, sophisticated accord, conferring even more density to the woods: cedarwood from Himalaya, sandalwood from Australia (both sourced from organic agriculture), as well as vetiver. Or rather vetivers: Gentleman Society contains a quartet of vetivers from different origins and extractions.

Benjamin Clementine, modern gentleman

The Gentleman Society is a collective adventure, which unites around the same mindset and shared values.

He’s a composer, singer, pianist, poet, and actor. An authentic multi-skilled gentleman rewarded for his albums, admired for his texts, and drawing attention at the cinema. A Briton of Ghanaian origin, he has lived in London, France, and the United States. He comes from a multicultural context, of which he gauges all the richness.

A self-taught artist—who from performing in the subway shot to international fame in just a few years – day after day he has built a rich, promising career with his own unique style, combining modernity, generosity, and elegance. For all these reasons and others, Benjamin Clementine embodies Givenchy’s new gentleman attitude.

In the ad visual, Fabien Montique highlights Benjamin Clementine and two other members of the crew: skater Matthias El Koulali and dancer Sullian Rios. With their edgy chic and ultra-contemporary attitude, these three neo-gentlemen stand out against an all-black setting inspired by the fragrance bottle. Behind them, the promise of a half-open door bearing the 4G logo.

The TV spot, directed by Clément Beauvais at the Centre National de la Danse near Paris, presents the trio accompanied by a close-knit group, sharing the same positive energy that is the basis of the Gentleman Society. In an urban, modern decor, they perfectly reflect the contemporary cool kid spirit and put the spotlight on a new type of elegance, at once street and Couture.

The Gentleman Society Eau de Parfum is currently available in 60ml for P5,850 and 100 ml for P7,650 at Rustan’s.

The new lifestyle.