Ever tried ‘inferno hot Pilates’? Now you can at this new yoga studio in BGC

Vida Yoga opens flagship branch at The Arya Plaza Towers BGC.

The recent opening of Vida Yoga’s BGC branch took guests on a transformative journey of self-discovery and conscious living with its banner theme “Eat, Yoga, Love: A Cityscape Journey with Vida.”

Vida Yoga offers state-of-the-art studios with its signature hot yoga classes, as well as non-hot classes, taught by world-class instructors who trained under internationally acclaimed yogi Copper Crow.

“We are excited to broaden our reach and offer a nurturing environment for individuals to engage in hot yoga and beyond,” said Amanda Griffin-Jacob, one of the founders of Vida Yoga. “Our goal is to transcend the boundaries of the mat and empower individuals to make holistic lifestyle choices that extend well beyond their yoga practice.”

For Vida Yoga founder Amanda Griffin-Jacob, hot yoga provides a well-rounded nourishment for the mind, body, and spirit.

For Amanda, hot yoga provides a well-rounded nourishment for the mind, body, and spirit, serving as a strong foundation for a holistic well-being. “Our vision for Vida Yoga is to inspire people to elevate their idea of wellness, and to adapt a holistic approach to self-care and discovery, that is why aside from the yoga classes, we also offer retreats, seminars, and training aspiring instructors as well. We want them to embrace yoga as a lifestyle,” she added.

“Vida Yoga was born out of our collective mission to be the conduit for Filipinos to find their own individual journeys to healthier living. We all love yoga – especially hot yoga – and we all believe that choosing to live a mindful lifestyle extends beyond yoga, thus we thought of offering a venue for people to go through that process of discovery, “ shares co-founder Karmela Oreta.

Vida Yoga offers a wide range of classes designed to meet the diverse needs and preferences of their clients. Their signature classes are the hot yoga classes, which combine the invigorating power of heat with the transformative practice of yoga.

Maxene Magalona practices yoga at Vida Yoga.
Vida Yoga’s signature is hot yoga, which combines the invigorating power of heat with the transformative practice of yoga.

For those ready to embrace the challenge and detoxify, they have the Hot 26 class, where 26 poses are performed in an infrared-heated room for 75 minutes. Condensed sessions are also available with the Hot Express where the same 26 poses can be performed in 60 minutes.

Hot Vinyasa meanwhile  blends the flowing movements of Vinyasa with the power of heat to enhance strength, flexibility, and balance. For a slower pace and more introspection, the Hot Slow Flow class combines soothing warmth with gentle, mindful movements to promote relaxation and increased flexibility.

For a high-intensity workout, the studio offers Inferno Hot Pilates, combining Pilates principles with a heated environment.  Lastly, the studio also provides a Hot Hybrid class, blending elements of different yoga styles for a unique and challenging experience.

In addition to their hot yoga classes, Vida also provides non-hot classes. Beginners can explore the classes for P1,000 for one session.  Vida also has a first timer introductory package which is P2,000 for 3 classes.  Those who are ready to incorporate yoga as a part of their daily/weekly habit can choose from a wide variety of Vida Yoga’s class packages.

To learn more about Vida Yoga, or to book for an appointment, visit their website. You can also send a message on Instagram or email for more information.

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