Cut the cost, ditch the drama: Your guide to getting the quiet luxury look 

Achieve the timeless look without breaking the bank.

Gone are the days when glam and fancy were the only benchmark for what’s fashionable. Often, the behavior of consumers and style connoisseurs move with the times and market, which is why fleeting trends lack or easily lose viability and value. 

Nowadays, new movements keep mushrooming in the fashion space, following little to no lore of flashy clothing. Fresh perspectives and preferences like the quiet luxury trend are also taking over, hushing the ostentatious and putting it on the back burner. 

Today’s tastemakers are making the case for minimalist props as well, which are paramount to looking polished and luxe, all while abstaining from careless styling. The cornerstone of quiet luxury—quality classics and a capsule wardrobe—is worthy of the spotlight too. Investing in key items that transcend the test of time is becoming a thing anyway, be it for an article of clothing or an accessory to complement it. 

Quality over quantity is at the core of this style, championing subtlety through the art of toning down.

Quiet luxury lays down the idea of dressing down without looking dull and lax. It wasn’t born out of lazing off; it’s knowing when less is actually more. 

Quality over quantity is at the core of this style, championing subtlety through the art of toning down. Dressing to impress is not intentional anymore, as this antithesis is all about expressing discreet elegance. 

Flaunt a sleek and sophisticated finish without breaking the bank. Launch your quiet luxury look and accessorize accordingly with the list of recommendations that we rounded up:



Minimalism is the marriage of form and function, so going for a signature style without compromising standard is something to consider. In choosing what suits your needs, take note of the material, pattern, and make of what you are buying. 

JW Pei

In the case of bags, for instance, impeccable craftsmanship should sit on your criteria. Whether you’re aiming for artisanal, fast fashion, or designer, a delicate creation makes a complete difference. Dabble in beaded, belt bags, and jelly for a change. Jump-start your idea of suave with unique yet understated pieces for a sure plus. 

Shopping links: Aranaz, JW Pei, Club Kalee


Massimo Dutti

Subtle luxury is quick to circulate in the clothing department, defining one’s overall appearance. For a top-to-toe allure, though, it is essential for the trained eye to elevate one’s OOTD with fashionable footwear. 

Step up your shoe game and get a pair of leather in plain colorways, or channel your femininity with a fetching mary jane. Muted sandals, loafers, sneakers, d’orsays, docksides, boots, and brogues also exude appeal.

Shopping links: Massimo Dutti, Charles & Keith



Just as charm is rooted in confidence, jewelry is rooted in art. For a regal look with a touch of character, try on a lush necklace that needs no introduction—a neat gold, silver, or gemstone—or a ring stack that stuns.

Be on the lookout for brands that tell stories through their bar and charm bracelets, too, and take on the slightly unconventional such as mismatched earrings to make a statement without having to sacrifice fab and fun.

Shopping links: Mango, Zara, Shop Solasta


Sunnies Studios

The staying power of sunglasses has been proven ages ago, so you can’t go wrong with a go-to classic. Spicing up an outfit minus the overindulgent hardware definitely hits home, whether it’s against the harmful sun rays or sleeping in public transport. 


Protect your peepers with timeless aviators, oval, square, or oversized sunglasses. Accessorize with a dash of detail, shape, texture, or structure without going overboard, and give off a quiet yet queenly vibe to fill the void with your fire.

Shopping links: Sunnies Studios, H&M

Belts and scarves 

There’s a chic twist to every ensemble when a stylish belt or scarf is added. Aim for something pastel or bright for a proper surprise, but be mindful of your main garb. Any garment that’s unpretentious is a total match for something more vibrant.

A little vivid won’t hurt as well if you can whip up a harmonious mix of classic and modern, or subdued and free-spirited. Check out satin scarves and chain belts for a harmless bet.

Shopping links: Mango Belt, Mango Scarf

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