Korean skincare brand Dr. Jart+ is now in Manila. Here’s why it’s a big deal

You’ve probably seen it on TikTok. Now, Dr. Jart+ is making its popular redness-reducing cream accessible to Filipinos. Here’s our take on the much-talked-about product.

With new skincare brands popping up here and there, the choices are endless. But, let’s face it, the ones that could make a difference on your skin seem to be hidden in plain sight. The arrival of Dr. Jart+ in Manila is something to get hyped up about, as the Korean skincare brand is finally making its talked-about skin enhancers accessible to us Filipinos.

Dr. Jart+ was founded by architect Leeo (Chin Wook) Lee in Seoul back in 2005. Its name reflects the brand’s concept of combining scientific innovation and creativity or, in other words, doctor + art. This is made evident first and foremost through its product packaging which has a minimalist design with pops of color.

Its claim to fame is its BB cream which, as makeup lovers worldwide attest, gives instant coverage and a natural-looking glow. The brand eventually expanded to skin treatments that target the most common facial problems, primarily redness.

Dr. Jart+ is now in the Philippines to perk up your K-beauty routine. Photo: Dr. Jart/Instagram

If you’re like many people who are prone to acne, allergies, and skin sensitivities, Dr. Jart+’s debut in the Philippines is good news. The Korean brand has been making rounds on TikTok and beauty circles for its Cicapair Tiger Grass Colour Correcting Treatment which can actually fade acne, blemishes, and all other red spots on your face.

The POST was given the chance to take a closer look at the popular cream during the launch of Dr. Jart+ in Whitespace Manila on July 1. During the vibrant and interactive event, Pinoy beauty aficionados played games, received prizes, and participated in an AI skin analysis that helped us understand the condition of our faces beyond skin deep.

Beauty guaranteed: Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Colour Treatment is the holy grail for many beauty junkies. worldwide. Photo: Dr. Jart/Instagram

The Cicapair Tiger Grass Colour Correcting Treatment was, in fact, one of the products recommended to me after my skin analysis. Results showed that I have skin issues such as redness, dryness, UV spots, and *gasp* even wrinkles. This cream is said to reduce the redness straight away.

I got to take the cream home as a gift and tested it on my face at once.  Dr. Jart+ was serious when it said it would beat facial redness for good. As seen on TikTok, the Cicapair color corrector covers redness with just a few swipes and puffs on the face.

The cream’s color changes from light green to beige to blend into your skin tone and neutralize redness for a natural-looking glow-up. It has a thick texture, that’s why you only need three to four pea-size amounts to cover your entire face.

Oh, goody! Dr. Jart+’s bestsellers were the highlights at the recent launch in Manila. Photo by Justine Punzalan

Its strong but also mild concealing power makes the face balm a viable alternative to foundation or concealer. Our test also showed that it works well with makeup after letting it dry. I spent around five hours outdoors without face mask and still, the cream was intact. 

So, if you’re thinking of getting a new—and hopefully effective—concealer yet again, you might want to consider switching to cream instead.


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Besides concealing unwanted blemishes, the Cicapair color corrector is infused with Niacinamide to prevent acne, Panthenol to moisturize the skin, plus mineral sunscreen with SPF 30 to protect it from the sun and other harsh elements. It’s made for people with sensitive skin and, fortunately, has not irritated mine so far.

To help you completely get rid of redness, Dr. Jart+ offers other Cicapair products to add to your skincare routine. These include the Cicapair Foaming Facial Cleanser, Cicapair Sensitive Skin Serum Face Mask, Sensitive Skin Serum, and Sensitive Skin Moisturizer, among others.

Say goodbye to redness, as the entire Dr. Jart+ Cicapair collection has landed in the Philippines. Photo: Dr. Jart+/Instagram

Dr. Jart+ for dry skin and more

If redness isn’t your concern, you can instead choose from Dr. Jart+’s wide range of products that can address every skin issue. Those with dry skin can opt for the Ceramidin collection which comes with Ceramides and Panthenol + Glycerin to strengthen your skin, making it look and feel hydrated and glowing.

There’s also the Vital Hydra Solution collection which has Hyaluronic Acid + Pentavitin that instantly hydrates, plumps, and boosts the skin’s glow. It includes Dr.Jart+’s new water cream, treatment essence, and bestselling face mask that are all dermatologist-tested.

Out with the dryness, in with the stunning glow. Get this from Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin and Vital Hydra Solution collections. Photo: Dr. Jart/Instagram

If you’re out and about most of your days, there’s Every Sun Day Sunscreen collection that comes with Zinc Oxide and SPF50+ to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and prevent it from future damage.

Start your new skincare journey by checking out Dr. Jart+’s collections in Watsons and LOOK At Me stores nationwide. They’re also available online via Watson’s website and official stores on Shopee and Lazada.

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