Celebrate Chinese New Year with huge discounts on Airasia Superapp

Booking period is until Feb. 4 only but you may apply the promo code on any travel date.

Usher in the Year of the Dragon with good vibes and great savings as Airasia Superapp gifts travelers with huge discounts on flights and hotels for the Lunar New Year.

Get discounts of up to P688 on your hotel booking worldwide with the “CNYHOTELS” promo code. Booking period is until Feb. 4 only but you may apply the promo code on any travel date, so you may book ahead for your summer getaway or even for the school holidays.

Score big savings on flights

AirAsia Superapp Hotel promo
Banner photo by Dileep Kaluaratchie, Wikimedia Commons

Using the promo code “CNYPH8888” you can get P8,888 off on international flights from T’way Air, Etihad, ANA, and Jeju Air when you book via the Airasia Superapp with a minimum spend of P24,000. Save PHP888 on domestic flights with Sunlight Air, Royal Air, and AirSWIFT Airlines using the promo code “CNYPH” when you use Airasia Superapp. Booking period is also only until Feb. 4.

Triple your Airasia Rewards points

AirAsia Promo

To bring positive and prosperous vibes, Airasia Superapp will not only double but will triple your points when you book on the platform. Airasia Rewards points can be used to redeem discounts, or even purchase hotel bookings, flights, or any service on the Airasia Superapp platform.

“This Chinese New Year feels extra special not just for our Chinese brothers and sisters, but Filipinos as well. To many, the 2024 Year of the Dragon sparks hope and renewal,” said Weng Rivera, Airasia MOVE (formerly Airasia Superapp) head of travel-Philippines.

“We share the excitement and joy in welcoming this positivity that the Chinese Lunar New Year brings by offering flights to any airlines and hotel accommodations worldwide at discounted rates. May this spark joy and bring meaningful memories to all.”

Stay tuned to @airasiasuperapp.ph on Instagram for further updates on the latest news and other promotions. Download the app now from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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